Webgrrls Membership

As a Webgrrls International member, you know firsthand the positive impact that our organization, our networking meetings, and our workshops and events can have on your life and maybe you’ve found yourself telling others about your experiences and encouraging them to participate too.

As a member of Webgrrls you are automatically a Webgrrls Ambassador, you share your experience that you have had with us, you spread the word, and you influence others. It can be very rewarding mentally, emotionally, spiritually knowing that you are help your contacts connect with others, expand their network of contacts, help them achieve their goals and strive for and achieve success and now you can get rewarded financially too!

Empower someone’s life and get paid!

We can never know or reach everyone on our own…but through our network and our members and their subsequent network of contacts, we can all have a very long reach and a very strong voice in the industry and in business. Your friends and colleagues can make important connections, learn about technology and trends, stay on the competitive edge of business, receive training that can totally transform their thinking, their careers, their business, and their lives.

We get to bring our supportive and empowering forum to more and more people, positively impacting their lives and helping them succeed in their careers and businesses and you can collect generous referral fees.

There’s no “selling” involved – Just share your honest, personal experience with others who you think could benefit from being a part of Webgrrls International and we will support you with tools and resources to make the referral process easy and rewarding. You will receive $5 for every friend you refer.

How it works

We have created an array of tools where you can invite your friends to check out Webgrrls. We include your unique referral code through a link with all of the invitations that you send out online, so you will automatically get credit for anyone who clicks on your shared link and joins. You can also print out cards that you can carry with you to events and when you tell someone about Webgrrls in person, you can give them your card with, which contains your unique referral code.

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