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Writing PPC ad copy that gets results + Networking meeting
Event date: April 23 2013
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung
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The NYC Webgrrls community met at ThoughtWorks on April 23 for an information-packed presentation, video, and discussion on Writing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad Copy on both Facebook and Google.

OmiSEM's Paulina Podbiello, a NYC Chapter Steering Committee member and Facebook ad copy expert,  shared five key tips for writing Facebook Ads, along with giving examples of both effective and ineffective ads from her own professional experience.

"Facebook ads can reach anyone and everyone on Facebook," said Paulina. "That's now more than 1 billion people worldwide!" She went on to add that Facebook is the most affordable way to reach a huge number of potential customers and make them aware of your company's products or services. Facebook is like TV in potential reach, but it is accessible for companies with smaller budgets that could never advertise on TV. Check out Paulina's slides with Top tips for writing effective Facebook Ads.

After Paulina's presentation, Webgrrls watched a video created by Google ads expert Josepf Haslam. Many of the elements important in Facebook ads go for Google ads, too, with a few key differences. One, Google does not use images, so everything to get a user's attention must be in the copy, especially in the title. Also, Facebook advertising platform is behavioral and Google adwords is based on intent.  Watch Josepf's presentation here

Chapter Leader Nelly Yusupova ran a Q&A to address any questions the attendees had. Since our time was limited and there was so much great info to share, the group opted to talk more about pay-per-click ads in lieu of the more structured netowrking Webggrls members often take part in at meetings. 

"A lot of information in a relatively short time that was on target for key tips."
Celeste Ford
Owner, First Person Video

The event was very relaxed and informative. It was great to hear the comments and observations of the group.
Deborah Johnstone
Digital and Curatorial Content Manager, DelphicMedia

Though we skipped the formal introductions, the evening ended with some time for informal networking for the women in attendance to connect with each other.

Getting the click is only the beginning, you still need your visitors to convert. How do you do that? Join NYC Webgrrls on May 21 for a workshop on creating effective landing pages!

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