Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Workshop:
Event date: February 19 2013
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

Advanced Search Engine Optimization, an informative and interactive presentation by experts from DragonSearch, was the latest workshop held by NYC Webgrrls. After Chapter Leader Nelly Yusupova welcomed Webgrrls and gave a quick roundup of upcoming events, DragonSearch's Josepf Haslam and Etela Ivkovic got in gear to explain the ins and outs of SEO!

"Another Webgrrls super treat! This was chock full of information and I'm hungry for more...Josepf Haslam is an amazing teacher."
Susanne Schropp
Design Captain - Diva Design

SEO is both an art and a science, explained Josepf and Etela. How are websites found online? Through organic, paid, or earned traffic. Paid traffic is mostly pay-per-click, while earned traffic comes from leveraging social media. While Josepf touched on the paid and earned, his focus was on organic traffic, which is where optimizing your website for search engines like Google and Bing is key.

Site content is very important to SEO, and that is the first place to start. The titles and the text on pages is vital. Your site code and the quality of your external backlinks (other websites linking to you) are also important. Some tips included remembering to add alt tags to images and having a unique purpose for every page. Website owners should also use headers and subheaders (h1 and h2 tags) to divide content. One good idea is to treat your website content like that in a traditional newspaper, using headlines (ie. header tags) to highlight what is important.

"This was a very deep dive into SEO. Webgrrls is always keeping us current on the digital trends affecting our businesses."
Jami Kelmenson
Content Editor - Jamikelly Consulting

Big no-nos? Trading or buying links or creating pages that duplicate other content.

But how do you know it is working? Define your goals before staring an SEO campaign, and proceed with those goals in mind. Do not use ranking to measure success, look at your analytics, keywords, and conversion rates.

Josepf and Etela's presentation was packed with information. In fact, they presented most of what is in a 2-week workshop into 2.5 hours! Everyone left with a list of resources and tools to take their website's search engine optimization to the next level.

"The SEO Workshop exceeded my expectations. I came away with new goals for my own blogs and with ideas I can share with my clients right now."
Candy Korman
writer - SweetCopy

See more information, including slides of the presentation, at:

All attendees received DragonSearch's "Grow Your Business" wall poster infographic to keep the workshop fresh in their minds! DragonSearch also gave away copies of the book "Social Marketology" by CEO Ric Dragon to four lucky winners, Mary Joan Cunningham, Susanne Schropp, Claudia Hernandez, and Ryan Fortier. 

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