The Art Of Less Doing & Networking Event
Event date: November 15 2012
Posted by: Nelly Yusupova

Whatever will I do with all of that extra time? That is the question many Webgrrls were pondering after the NYC Webgrrls' Art of Less Doing and Networking event last Thursday evening. A great big thank you goes out to Tiffany Lentz of Thoughtworks for accommodating our event on such short notice...Amazing space...thank you, thank you!

"The event, as always, was extremely well run. The presentation was great and very applicable to my day-to-day professional career".
Kelly Grove 
Interactive Marketing Manager, Quest Diagnostics

We had the true pleasure of learning from our special guest, productivity expert and achievement architect, Ari Meisel of Webgrrls sat with rapped attention as Ari walked us through productivity tool after productivity tool for "optimizing, automating, and outsourcing everything in people's personal and professional lives." He showed us how to de-clutter our brains and our lives so that we can be more productive and could spend more time doing the things that we want to do.

"I truly enjoyed the Ari and the websites that he has recommended to de-stress one's life."
Aurelia Santiago
Managing Director, Special Places to See Productions

Ari is a big proponent of tracking and awareness of where you are allocating resources so that you can find efficiencies. He also advocates creating an external free your mind so you can focus on what you should be focusing on. The external brain is your personal note taking system and system for getting things done. Evernote,, and using virtual assistants, were tools that he could
not recommend highly enough.

"Ari gave us a lot of tangible information. Great event! There were lots of good tips on productivity. I highly recommend it."
Juan E. Romero
Designer/Entrepreneur, Northstar Designs LLC

We had many time-challenged entrepreneurs and consultants in attendance that needed to find a way to "get it all done". We had project managers, designers, business development and sale people, journalists, bloggers, and social media experts, all looking to learn, change their thinking, connect, and share.

"I thought Ari's lecture was wonderful...I can immediately do things to make my life easier."
Jennifer Josephson

Formal networking followed the presentation and everyone took the opportunity for introductions and we quickly broke into the informal networking to meet, greet, and make the important connections.

Thank you Ari for sharing the powerful information, thank you Tiffany Lentz for offering the amazing space at Thoughtworks and thank you to all who attended.

It was great to see you all and we look forward to seeing you at the NYC Webgrrls Holiday Celebration December 5th.

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