StumbleUpon as a Traffic Driver & Networking Event
Event date: May 16 2012
Posted by: Kristin Vincent

It wasn't randomness or even serendipity that lead to a full room at last Wednesday's NYC Webgrrls event. The attendee were there to learn about StumbleUpon as a "new" marketing platform and Nelly Yusupova, our NYC Webgrrls chapter leader facilitated a deep and dynamic, fast paced, information packed, Stumble Upon discussion. There was even a Stumble Upon "plant", Vanessa Alves, in attendance so we were privy to some insider information that you couldn't get anywhere else.

"One of the best facilitated networking events I've been to.  [Webgrrls events] are a great way for professionals to really find ways to support one another."
Bill Snyder
Digital Product Manager and Content Strategist

Stumble Upon has been around for 10 years and so you might think it's no big deal. But with 25 million users, it's actually the second largest link referral network after Facebook (yes, larger than Twitter!).

Stumble Upon is a tool for discovering new and interesting sites and information based on interest. Instead of a search engine, which relies on a complex algorithm, Stumble Upon relies on social influence and random serendipity. Members upload sites and pages that they like and self-select a category from a predetermined list. Members of the community can search by keyword or category and are shown a random selection of uploads (and the occasional paid page), and they can then give it a thumbs-up or down. The more thumbs up, the longer that page stays in rotation. Too many thumbs down and the page is no longer surfaced. Stumble Upon can be great for businesses because there's less noise. You can submit pages about your business, and should ensure they're fresh, engaging, and useful enough for people to give them thumbs up and keep them in rotation. Nelly went on to give tips on how to write clear titles and use site features such as keywords to increase discover-ability of your pages.

"This was my first Webgrrls event…it was just the right mix of education and networking." 
Sheri Mason - GoldIn Treasures

The formal introduction kick-off with Lisa Yuen from AXA Advisors (our host) who explained how she can help people achieve their financial dreams, regardless of where they're at today and offered a free consultation. We went around the room and each person took a "NYC Webgrrls minute" (about 30-seconds) to introduce themselves and explain what they were looking for and what they had to offer.

Amelie Walker, the NYC Webgrrls Member Coordinator, drew business cards of our two raffle winners. "The Thank You Economy" by Gary Vaynerchuck and "Visual Marketing" by David Langton and Anita Campbell.  We also gave away our last pass to the BlogHer Annual conference taking place on August 2-4.  If you were not able to win, we encourage you to buy a ticket so you can connect with hundreds of bloggers.

Then we all had a chance to connect during the informal networking with ideas flowing and the conversations lasting late into the evening.
"Webgrrls offers workshops of substance, delivering concise social media education in small group format. Meet smart and savvy entrepreneurs at these events, enhancing your network of like-minded women (some men too!)."
Catherine Gasteyer - Government Affairs Director, Verizon

Please join us and Ladies Who Launch on June 20 for a Wine and Cheese Mixer to kick off the summer.