Leveraging Pinterest Marketing Platform & Networking Event
Event date: April 18 2012
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

It was a night of networking, connecting, learning, and driving. Driving? That's right! Driving marketing and driving home...

The first driving lesson was our tech trend topic of the evening, "Leveraging Pinterest to Drive Marketing." Pinterest, a virtual pinboard, is social media like no other. It is driving more traffic to websites than Google+, Twitter, and YouTube combined. 

Sharing is the power of social media, and on Pinterest it is repinning, a function much like retweeting on Twitter. The difference? 80% of pins get repinned on Pinterest, while only 5% of tweets are retweeted on Twitter. 

"This is an excellent event, well worth the time and money - in both content and style...this presentation let's you get ahead of the game."
Cindy Klein - New Media Creative Developer

Pinterest is very visual, and it is easy to be drawn in to the beautiful, interesting, creative items people pin. (I find myself getting deeply engaged in Pinterest even just writing this recap!) Repinning a stranger's pin or being interested in their content is not odd, and Pinterest doesn't seem as dependent on direct personal connections as other social media websites. 

Pinterest is like clipping ideas from a magazine, something people--especially women--have done for decades. It is great for retailers to gain customers from an interesting product pinned to Pinterest or for bloggers who might have an intriguing image that brings new visitors to a blog post.

The goal of a marketer is to drive traffic. It's not just about gaining followers, though that helps. It is about "pinning" content that is repinnable.  If you are the originator of a pin, the first to post it to Pinterest, your name and link stays on that pin however many times it is repinned by different people. The traffic-driving potential is real, and Pinterest is growing fast!

The Webgrrls tech trends at networking events are a discussion, not just a presentation by one person, and many joined in with questions and their own Pinterest experiences. The topic was a popular one, we spent more time than we meant on it, but we just couldn't stop!

Introductions and needs/gives followed the tech trend topic discussion. As always, there was a fabulous group of diverse women in attendence. Each had a "Webgrrl Minute" (30 seconds) to introduce herself. We had NYC nature experts, an architect, digital consultants, retail experts, those with video and tv experience, and even a Wheel of Fortune winner who used her winnings to move to New York and start her dream company!

"I haven't been to a Webgrrls networking meeting in quite some time, but it felt almost as if I had never left. As always, there was a great group of women, sharing their thoughts and skills, along with a nice workshop."
Jeannie Giordano - Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer

General Motors sponsored the night, giving Webgrrls the opportunity to test drive a GM car home, or get a ride home. Chaiti Sen, at the meeting representing GM, said of their test drive home campaign, "We aren't here to sell you a car. We are here to give you an experience to remember! We want you to be inspired and self-expressed by our cars." 

"Wow! I had a really fun, smooth, and luxurious drive home in the GMC Terrain.  A big car for me, but it was so comfortable that I was not overwhelmed by the size. I really felt like I was in the driver's seat."
Rosemarie Gambetta - CEO, CheapEats 

"Got to drive home in a GMC Yukon...need to put buying a new car on the top of my to do list...Thx #webgrrls #gmner"
Betsy Smith - Senior Social Media Strategist, Flightpath

Check out our Pinterest page to see one of the possible winners of the Webgrrls General Motors Pinterest Challenge! The winner will win a loan of a GM car for an entire week! 

Thank you to AXA for hosting the meeting. Lisa Yuen welcomed the group on this day after Tax Day. "It's not too early to start looking at your taxes for next year!" She wasn't making a joke, it is a great time to review your financial plan, and she generously offers a free consultation to all Webgrrls.

Next month our topic will be StumbleUpon as a Traffic Driver with networking. Make sure to RSVP Early to reserve your seat. See you there!

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