Leveraging Google+ Marketing Platform & Networking Event
Event date: March 14 2012
Posted by: Kristin Vincent

"The women who are involved in Webgrrls are an impressive lot! I get a new idea every time I go to a meeting".
Ruth Gantman - Health coach, Nurtured by Nature

OH NO! Not another Social Media tool!

Nelly Yusupova, the NYC Webgrrls Chapter leader, asked the attendees, how many people use Google+? Many had signed up but weren't using it actively and they weren't sure how to leverage this new marketing platform.

Nelly walked us through the key concepts of the platform, for example, Google+ lets you easily group people you follow into "Circles" so you can share different information with friends and colleagues or any other circles you create. Facebook also lets you put people into groups, but it's a much more hidden (and cumbersome) feature. Google+ is much like Twitter in the way that feeds are public by default and anyone can subscribe without needing your approval. The content and conversations are different on Google+ as well and currently, tend to come from techy, well-connected, intellectual early adopters. People can share your content with their followers by simply clicking the +1 button, which is similar to the Facebook "Like".

One distinct feature is the Google+, Hangouts, where up to 9 people can participate in an interactive video chat, and countless others can passively watch. Showing just how cutting edge Webgrrls is, just the day before the Webgrrls events, Google Docs was integrated with Google Hangouts, allowing people to now interact and collaborate in the same space...very exciting!

By far the most revolutionary feature of Google+ is the ability to influence search results, specifically for people in your circles and people who +1 the content that you produce. Nelly showed a powerful example of how she posted a comment about an event she was speaking at, and later she searched on Google and saw her comment and a related post from someone in her circle on the first page of Google results. Impacting search results of the people you influence? Now that's a game changer.

The night then shifted to networking, and each of us took a turn stating what we need and what we have had to offer before breaking into informal conversations. People needed things such as interns, video producers, bloggers, help setting up Wordpress blogs. And they could offer free consultations for healthcare, advice of writing book proposals, free art prints, and quick feedback on websites.

Webgrrls just launched a powerful new social feature on Webgrrls.com. Nelly demoed how, after you attend an event, members can now see the other people who attended the event and can easily continue networking after the event. Fellow attendees can even click on someone's profile to see what each person wrote about what they need and what they have to offer.

"Great event -- concise, helpful information and terrific networking".
Shari Romar - New Media Manager, Queens Botanical Garden

Thanks as always to AXA for hosting the event!

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