How to Create Facebook Custom Pages Workshop
Event date: February 15 2012
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

A full house, an amazing group of dynamic women, and a presentation chock-full of information, how to's and what to use, made for stellar workshop Wednesday night at the NYC Webgrrls Custom Facebook Pages Workshop.

"I ended up gaining knowhow not only for specific how-tos, but also a comprehensive overview of all the options and what is involved in going down alternative paths. Superb presentation!"
Diane Dolinsky-Pickar, Blogger and Journalist - Mojo40 and HULIQ

Using examples from Zappos to Victoria's Secret to Heinz Ketchup, Nelly Yusupova, Webgrrls International CTO, demonstrated that successful Facebook landing pages are using customization to get visitors involved-to "like", learn, and/or interact with them, their company, or their brand by offering a clear call to action, just like on a website.
"Custom Facebook Pages get 47% more "Likes" than other Pages". That was just one of the golden nuggets of information that was served up. So many people spend so much time on Facebook these days, that it is vital for businesses to have a presence there and take advantage of that fact.

But how can a company's Facebook Page stand out and, more importantly, get those precious "Likes"? Customize! A clear call to action is key, just like on a website. In fact, good practices on Facebook landing pages in general are very similar to those a web designer employs in creating websites.

"This was a great event at a great price. The slideshow presentation and supporting materials were outstanding and gave step-by-step instructions to obtain maximum positive exposure."
Hilary Adler - VP - Handle With Care

Nelly offered many different methods of creating custom Tabs for Pages, from getting down and dirty with the code to third-party "plug and play" apps to get newbies going asap. She gave us technical instructions, even some code, and advice on things like search engine optimization. Some surprises, "old" web technologies such as frames and image maps are back. iFrames are being used to pull external content into Facebook. Image maps are an easy way to use one graphic on a Facebook Tab to link to multiple outside resources. Nelly also walked us through interpreting Insights, the analytics that Facebook provides for each Page, which holds some valuable--and interesting!--information.

There was something for everyone, including business owners wanting to enhance their own Facebook Pages, employees managing their company Pages, and web designers developing Pages for clients.

"I've attended many workshops and networking events, but by far the Webgrrls happenings are the best."
Shari Romar - New Media Manager - Queens Botanical Garden

As for snacks, in addition to our regular chips and salsa, veggies and hummus, I, Amélie, made a special February taste treat - Hot Valentine Cupcakes – they went super fast (feel free to comment on my blog if you tried one!)

Finishing up the evening, Nelly fielded questions making sure everyone left with knowledge on how to start customizing their own Facebook Pages and their brains swirling with new ideas.

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