Facebook Content Strategy & Networking Event
Event date: September 21 2011
Posted by: Kristin Vincent

Last Wednesday, we woke to find our familiar Facebook profile page had changed. The new layout, new privacy settings, and new news feeds left many asking: How can I best use the Facebook to interact with my friends and clients? Those of us in New York City didn't have to wait long to get the answers because Webgrrls had a session already scheduled on "Facebook Content & Posting Strategy" for that very night.

Nelly is the best!!! She has a super nice, gentle manner to her and brilliancy in conveying complicated information in simple ways, which make you feel both smart and welcome!
Sigal Gino - IT Consultant, Sterling Info Systems

Nelly Yusupova, Webgrrls' NYC chapter leader, walked us through how to use Facebook to most effectively get your brand's content in front of your users. She had spent the day exploring Facebook's new features and updating her slides to ensure everyone in the room had the latest and greatest information. She started out with grounding us with a statistic on how Facebook users interact with brand profile pages: 88% of people never return to your  page after liking it, and 95% of your content is never seen by your followers.

So how do we get our content in front of more people? Nelly explained the factors that Facebook uses to determine which posts get displayed to which users: affinity between you and the user, weight of the post, and the time the post was made. Facebook uses this proprietary algorithm, known as "edgerank", to determine which of the many posts to bubble up in that user's feed.

Nelly then provided tips of how to increase the edgerank between you and each of your users. She showed how we could encourage user interaction by sharing fun facts that people "like", asking provocative questions, explicitly writing calls to action, posting at different times of the day, creating interesting polls and surveys, or even asking your users to help crowdsource future blog ideas.

She also walked us through examples on how to relate these various activities to your brand. She also shared specifics on how to write the best posts. Did you know posts with 80 characters or less get 27% more engagement? And that full-length URLs get three times more click throughs than short URLs (like bit.ly or tinyurl).

But the meeting didn't solely focus on Facebook. Nelly also unveiled the new "10 Reasons You'll Love Webgrrls" list and solicited feedback from the group. And two books were raffled off: Linchpin by Seth Godin went to Deborah Roth, and Six-Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel went to Danielle Black. Congratulations!

We then switched gears and went into the networking portion of the evening. The room was filled with people representing many professions: developers, graphic designers, speech coaches, marketing professionals, event planners, business owners, copywriters, and even trauma therapists. People's professional needs ranged from looking for clients to asking for advice on how to structure rates to looking for job opportunities. Others came looking to hire marketers and developers or to look for guest bloggers.

What a welcome surprise to find a group of intelligent, fascinating and successful women! Webgrrls rock!
Katie Sanborn - Owner, Your Right Hand Design

As the night wrapped up, many people in the room were already buzzing about the next NYC Webgrrls event on "gamification" event, which will focus on how to incorporate gaming techniques into your business strategy. Please join us for the workshop "Increase User Engagement with Gaming Techniques" on Wednesday, November 9.