Maximizing Pay Per Click Campaigns & Networking Meeting
Event date: May 11 2011
Posted by: Kristin Vincent

Does getting more clients while cutting your marketing budget in half sound too good to be true? Last Wednesday, Mark Anthony shared tips with the New York City chapter on how to make it a reality. Now that everyone seems to have shifted to focus on social media, he showed how it's the perfect time to dig into paid search. He had one simple rule: You don't need to do a lot; you just need to do more than the other guys.

Through his real-life examples of both hits and misses, Anthony showed how a paid search strategy can really pay off.  He shared tips on how to maximize conversion (not click-throughs) while paying less for key words and phrases by understanding your audience, recognizing indicators that people are shopping, and buying no less than 50 (and even up to 1000) long tail phrases. He also shared several quick equations he uses to determine ROI. One simple yet practical equation took into account the life-time value of the customer and how losing money on the first sale can help you win in the end if you work strategically. He also explained how he determines the max to spend per day on each phrase and how to tell if a phrase is quality for you.

Anthony stated his preference for focusing paid search on Google, which gets 70% of search traffic and, according to Anthony, still has the most user friendly tools. But he also discussed Facebook ads and Yahoo! search, which is powered by Bing. But he explained how it's not just about picking the right tools but mostly about determining the right strategy and diligently tweaking results.

Many people in the room could have asked Anthony questions all night, and several people said that they'd like to see this as a full-blown workshop in addition to a networking opening discussion. But on this night, we had networking to get to as well, so we switched gears and went around the room to explain who we each were, what we could offer the group, and what we needed from networking. As always, the room had people from all sorts of professions: web designers, marketers, a copy writer, and even someone starting a dog walking business. Derek Hsu from AXA Advisors took time out as well to explain how AXA could help Webgrrls with their personal and professional financial needs.

The evening wrapped up with informal networking and socializing. You could hear multiple conversations in the room about people already thinking through how they could put Anthony's advice to work and ramp up their own paid search campaigns.

Please join us for a night of Wine, Cheese, and more Networking on June 8.