Wordpress Part II - Customizing Themes
Event date: April 30 2011
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

Webgrrls Wordpress Workshop was weighty with Wordpress wonderment (say that fast three times). Not even a loud Snoop Dog concert right outside the windows could slow the flow of Wordpress wisdom!

This two-part, hands-on, fully interactive workshop with Nelly Yusupova covered it all, from installing Wordpress, the Wordpress Dashboard, themes, plug-ins, and RSS feeds in Part 1, to basic PHP (read not write), styles, and theme modifications in Part 2.

"My glass is now half-full, which is a relief. I feel my blog doesn't rule me, I will rule it once all the information I learned becomes second nature. Thanks."
Ann Evans - Writer and professor, Montclair State University

With laptops in hand and a strong wi-fi signal at the Columbia School of Journalism (thank you to them) and with FreshBooks (our sponsor) at our side, we had a diverse group with many and varied interests, ready to learn. There were seasoned bloggers wanting to control their blogs more efficiently, along with graphic designers and web developers wanting to know more about the "back-end" and how to better manipulate the "code." One of the takeaways: You don't have to be a techie to benefit from knowing how to use Wordpress for your blog or website.

"Nelly's introduction to Wordpress was valuable, friendly, and fun. She de-mystified the software, took time to make sure everyone understood what was happening, and offered multi-layered information to help everyone -- techies to technophobes -- leap forward. The list of specific plug-ins and theme sources was great, too! I would absolutely consider attending any tech workshop Nelly offered."
Nina Sonenberg, Ph.D., Communications Consultant

If you missed this one you missed a lot but we will try to offer it again later in the year.

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Columbia Columbia Journalism School offers great Digital Media Training classes as part of their continuing education program.  Their next event is Social Media Weekend on May 13-15.  See their full list of upcoming events.

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