Introduction to Twitter
Event date: March 15 2011
Posted by: Kristin Vincent

Nelly Yusupova presentingAll this twaffic just twading and twaiting and twalking to tweeple while tweading from the Twitterati of the Twitterverse. Still not on Twitter? Don't feel tweepish and don't worry, this would all make sense if you attended the NYC Webgrrls Twitter workshop, last Tuesday, along with a room full of Twitter newbies gathered in the Creative Group offices for an Introduction to Twitter Workshop where Nelly Yusupova, the Webgrrls CTO and New York City chapter leader, taught them how to start using this powerful social media phenomenon to grow their business.

"An evening spent with Nelly and Webgrrls is the best investment in time and money. She will reduce your learning curve and boost your confidence in taking on the ever changing world of technology. Nelly is a gift to all learning to navigate and improve their technical skills."
Rochelle Lisner

Ok - Here are the meanings:
Twaffic: Twitter traffic.
Twalking: walking while twittering via text.
Twaiting: twittering while waiting.
Twadd: to add/follow someone to your Twitter account as a friend.
Tweeple: Twitter people, Twitter members, Twitter users.
Twead: to read a tweet from a fellow twitterer.
Twitterati: The A-list twitterers.
Twitterverse - The Twitter Universe
Tweepish: feeling sheepish or regretful about something you tweeted.

Nelly started with a Twitter site tour and showed us how to use the application. She walked us through the anatomy of the twitter page including the layout of the profile page, others' profiles, and the Twitter stream. She showed examples of proper syntax in tweets, like the syntax for mentioning and linking to someone (the "@twitterhandle"), for directly messaging someone ("d twitterhandle"), and for referring to a topic others can follow ("#keyword"). She explained why, even though Twitter allows 140 characters in a tweet, we should really stick to 120 to allow for "Retweeting".

"Great introduction to how to set up an account, basic etiquette, and how to attract and find followers. And why it's worth the effort."
Kathy Kinsner - educator/writer/producer, Self-employed

Nelly then moved on to explain how to use Twitter to accomplish business goals, such as expanding their brand or finding new customers. She shared real-life examples of how Twitter was faster and more effective than email, and how you can reach an exponential number of people through the power of the "retweet". She emphasized how important a user name, called a Twitter handle, really is, and why everyone should at least go home that night and reserve their handle.

Nelly then gave a brief introduction to third-party applications, such as Seesmic or Tweetdeck, that some people use to manage all the noise in their Twitter stream. And she gave tips on how to not only save characters by using URL shorteners, but how to get click-through statistics as well by using In addition, she mentioned how users can connect their Twitter account with other social media accounts, such as Facebook, to have a more robust and synchronized web presence.

"The flow and level of information was presented in a way that was clear and concise. It was appropriate for getting started, and did not leave me feeling overwhelmed, but wanting to engage and use my new tools!"
Chelsea Most - TV Production Manager, Viacom

By the end of the workshop, several people were already signing up for the Advanced Twitter workshop the following evening or asking when the Advanced Twitter workshop would be held again so they could take their knowledge to the next level.

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