Is Quora the Next Twitter or Foursquare? + Networking Meeting
Event date: February 23 2011
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

Tech Trend Topics, formal networking, and informal networking were a hit as the NYC Webgrrls kicked off 2011 with a bang last Wednesday, February 22. Quora was the topic of the night, and connections were the finale.
"Webgrrls provides great networking events that you can learn and grow as business individual by leveraging technology. It is a great organization for any business owners looking for answers to their technology questions."
Kethrin Gentile, Ink On Pixels LLC
TECH TREND TOPIC - QUORA - What is it? Who should use it? And why?
Quora, a Q&A service, is one of the latest social media websites. Its goal is to be a continually improving collection of questions and answers and is created, edited, and organized by its users. Why use Quora? For one, it is a great way to showcase your expertise in a subject and build a strong brand by responding to questions. It is also a good way to network with people interested in the same topics as you are. Is it scalable? That remains to be seen.
Introductions were next on the list, and what a great group of dynamic women (and men)! We had web developers, programmers, software consultants, entrepreneurs, image consultants, real estate and housing law experts, women new to New York, and many others in the group with needs and offers ranging from feedback on new websites, to SEO on a limited budget, to how to raise venture capital.
We all got a "New York Webgrrls Minute" (about 30 seconds) to introduce ourselves. The schedule was kept tight, which kept the introductions crisp and the formal networking organized. You might be amazed how much information you can convey in that short amount of time! It is just enough to make the right impression and to make real connections.
"I've been a member of Webgrrls for a long time. Every time I go to a meeting or event, I walk away with a wealth of information and new connections. A big thank you to everyone involved."
Susanne Schropp, Diva Design
Informal networking followed, when everyone took the remainder of the evening meeting, mingling, and getting more information. We hope everyone came away with usable advice, client prospects, or job leads, along with plenty of valuable contacts!
"This was my first Webgrrls meeting...I'll be back! Great information and opportunity for networking."
Carol Davidson, StyleWorks of Union Square
"It is critically important in today's entrepreneurial climate to meet and network with other entrepreneurs. Whether they provide a service you need, recommendations, introductions, or support. We need each other."
Isabel Summers, co-founder hitME
Congratulations to the winners of free passes to the Small Business Technology Summit on March 8, Lisa Swan and Doni Belau. If you didn't win the drawing, don't despair! Webgrrls are being offered a deep discount to the conference, check out the deal.

We hope to see you next month at our Twitter-Webgrrls doubleheader, "Introduction to Twitter" on March 15 and "How to use Twitter for Business" on March 16.