LI Webgrrls Chapter Monthly Meeting
Event date: February 22 2011
Posted by: Ellen DePasquale

February's LI Webgrrls meeting was a really great event with several new members and a wonderful combination of information and insight. As the members and guests arrived they quickly got comfortable as they snacked on refreshments and then settled on the sofas where we hold our meetings. The ExecuTrain of Long Island facility is so welcoming that conversations start even before their coats are off!


It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to introduce and thank Cristy Barranco, (stepping in for Nicole Pagoulatos, Director of Operations at ExecuTrain of Long Island), our sponsor for the evening and home of LI Webgrrls. After a few words about ExecuTrain of Long Island and the classes they offer, Cristy announced that she will be raffling a free class at the end of the meeting.


  1. Our next meeting is March 22, the 4rd Tuesday at ExecuTrain of Long island. The meeting continues to be free for members, and will be $10 for non-members.
  2. A reminder that Webgrrls International membership is as low as $55/year. It will pay for itself in just 6 meetings!
  3. For everyone using Twitter please follow us at @LIWebgrrls.
  4. The March meeting topic is still to be determined.
  5. Our first workshop is scheduled for March 2nd. [This has been rescheduled to March 30 - so there is still plenty of time to register!] It is a two-part workshop, so you can attend either or both. The topic is WordPress. The morning session will cover the basics of setting up a website and the afternoon session will review more advanced functionality.
  6. Raffles - a free class courtesy of ExecuTrain of Long Island and my book, "It's About Time: Time Management Tips From The Software Revitalist".
  7. Based on feedback from the members, the LI Webgrrls agenda will be reorganized, again. Last month we rearranged the agenda to move the introductions ahead of the discussion topic. Tonight we are moving the information about Webgrrls membership to the end of the meeting instead of at the beginning of the meeting. These changes are all done in an effort to make the meeting flow from start to finish, and to be a great experience for all attendees! Keep your feedback coming!


Introductions are truly the "Heart and Soul" of every Webgrrls meeting, the full introductions. As we traveled around the room each person shared who they were, what they did, along with the Webgrrls famous "what they NEED, and what they OFFER." This allowed everyone to gain more insight, however, it is not as easy as it sounds. We break the standard networking mold and encourage creativity.

This is the second meeting where the introductions have come before the discussion topic and it is working out really well. We had extended time for the introductions giving everyone the opportunity to share more, and learn more. Many times the introductions include information about how the attendee arrived at their current situation, which prompts additional questions and suggestions for moving forward. It always amazes me the number referrals and recommendations, as well as the amount of advice that revolves during the meetings.  LI Webgrrls networking meetings continue to facilitate relationships that get stronger and stronger with every meeting!

"I'm glad I joined. Only wish I had done it sooner. I expect I'll get a lot of support in the future."
Bozena Syska
teacher/graphic designer/web designer


This month we returned to the the discussion topic format where there is a single topic and I present general information and websites for additional reference. Of course, all attendees are welcome to add to the conversation, but unlike the past two months, we did not go around the room for everyone's input. The topic for February was E-Learning, and in addition to talking about webinars, online videos, and online courses, one of our members shared her personal experiences with her current online certification course.

We heard about her sitting through virtual slide presentations, receiving emails from the instructor with assignments, and having to participate in an online forum. Unfortunately, in her case, she felt the material was too general for the certification and the assignments were to comment on the other students' forum posts. She was less than impressed. However, now that she is in the third and final month of the course, the work has become much more intensive and appropriate to the certification, and also more time consuming. It was interesting to hear her experience and we all gained some insight to what is involved with an instructor lead online course.


As always, we wrapped up the meeting with our raffles. The night's winners were Laney Liner for the free class, and Heather Champion for my book. Congratulations to both of them!

Thank you to all who attended for making this another wonderful meeting. LI Webgrrls continues to grow and we want to see more guests and new members join in 2011!

If you couldn't make it on February 22nd you missed a great meeting, along with the opportunity to network with smart women, and I am sorry that you missed it. If you have been thinking about coming to a meeting don't wait any longer!

And check out our first workshop on WordPress scheduled for March 30!

Lastly, watch for announcements regarding our April meeting where we will celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the re-launch of LI Webgrrls!

Be a part of something big! Help drive the direction of LI Webgrrls.

Looking forward to seeing you at the March meeting!

Ellen DePasquale
Long Island Webgrrls Chapter Leader
[email protected]