LI Webgrrls Networking Meeting - December 2010
Event date: December 21 2010
Posted by: Ellen DePasquale

As everyone arrived at the December meeting the buzz started to rise. Members engaged in conversations and guests were introduced. Everyone continued to stand and chat as they enjoyed the coffee and holiday treats.


It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to introduce and thank Nicole Pagoulatos, Director of Operations at ExecuTrain of Long Island, our sponsor for the evening and home of LI Webgrrls. After a few words about ExecuTrain of Long Island and the classes they offer, Nicole announced that she will be raffling a free class at the end of the meeting.


  1. Our next meeting is January 25th, the 4rd Tuesday at ExecuTrain of Long island. The meeting continues to be free for members, and will be $10 for non-members.
  2. A reminder that Webgrrls International membership is as low as $55/year. It will pay for itself in just 6 meetings!
  3. For everyone using Twitter please follow us at @LIWebgrrls.
  4. The January meeting topic will be Technology Action Plan for 2011.
  5. Our first workshop is scheduled for February 3rd. It is a two-part workshop, so you can attend either or both. The topic is WordPress. The morning session will cover the basics of setting up a website and the afternoon session will review more advanced functionality. Watch for more information on this in January.
  6. Raffles - a free class courtesy of ExecuTrain of Long Island and my book, "It's About Time: Time Management Tips From The Software Revitalist".

"I always come away from a Webgrrls meeting with new tidbits of information."
Regina Finkelstein
Promotional products distributor
DoctorPromo Promotions


We had a round table conversation this month where every attendee shared their technology goals for 2011! With the diversity of experience and needs in the room it was fascinating to hear what everyone was thinking about technology and how it relates to their careers and businesses. The majority of attendees were interested in learning more about social media and how to best leverage it for success. That started a great debate over the value of FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. As the conversation went on the goals became more personal. One member shared how her son had attributed his low grade in college to the time he wasted at the computer. Several solutions were offered including 1. to do his studying at the library so he would not be distracted with email and IMs and 2. unplug the Internet from his dorm computer for specific periods of time so he can focus and limit distractions. Other technology goals were increased automation and better control over email. Again, these topics prompted suggestions based on the extensive hands-on knowledge in the room.

Many great issues were brought to light and I thank all the attendees for being so willing to share their advice and experience.


Just before we started the introductions I took advantage of the facilities at ExecuTrain of Long Island and conducted a short tour of the Webgrrls new website, and it looked great on the big screen!

After the demo we took a short break to stretch and grab another snack, then jumped right into the "Heart and Soul" of every Webgrrls meeting, the full introductions. As we traveled around the room each person shared who they were, what they did, along with the Webgrrls famous "what they NEED, and what they OFFER." This allowed everyone to gain more insight, however, it is not as easy as it sounds. We break the standard networking mold and encourage creativity.

Due to the lengthy discussion and website demo, the introductions were shorter than usual. To resolve this issue, the introductions will be moved earlier in the meeting to make sure we all really get the chance to learn about each other. However, even with our time constraints, everyone had ample time to share detailed information about their professions as well as their NEEDS and OFFERS. LI Webgrrls networking meetings continue to facilitate relationships that get stronger and stronger with every meeting!


As always, we wrapped up the meeting with our raffles. The night's winners were Gail Koellin for the free class, and Regina Finkelstein for my book. Congratulations to both of them!

Thank you to all who attended for making this another wonderful meeting. LI Webgrrls continues to grow and we want to see more guests and new members join in 2011!

If you couldn't make it on December you missed a great meeting, along with the opportunity to network with smart women and men, and I am sorry that you missed it. If you have been thinking about coming to a meeting don't wait any longer!

Be a part of something big! Help drive the direction of LI Webgrrls.

Looking forward to seeing you at the January meeting!

Ellen DePasquale
Long Island Webgrrls Chapter Leader
[email protected]