NYC Webgrrls Holiday Celebration Networking
Event date: December 07 2010
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

'Tis the season to celebrate, and that's exactly what the NYC Webgrrls did at the Annual NYC Webgrrls Holiday Celebration Tuesday, December 7th, reflecting on the accomplishments of 2010 and anticipating success in 2011.

We celebrated the launch of the Webgrrls International website with all of its new tools and functionality to connect and communicate, and we celebrated the team that created it. Webgrrls also celebrated the community, all of our achievements, and the times we are living in. Opportunities abound for 2011! "The prospects look great for our community, and networking is the key to achieving the success that we are after," said Kevin Kennedy, CEO of Webgrrls International, kicking off the festivities.

"It was a terrific networking opportunity and a time to share ideas with people doing innovative things. I met headhunters, designers, web developers, social networking specialists, bloggers, web optimizers, image consultants, and more interesting folks."
Ann McGettigan - visual designer/content editor - Freelancer

After a mini-tour, Kevin introduced and toasted the Webgrrls team responsible for building our new and improved site, "Nelly Yusupova, CTO of Webgrrls International, developed the technology strategy and oversaw the entire implementation of the profoundly complex undertaking. Her team of programmers who work month after month coding for very long hours; Kristin Vincent, Director of User Experience at Scholastic, with her insight and knowledge of user behavior created our usability strategy; Valentina Guazzoni, President of V1design, with her great eye for design and detail is our designer, and Jonathan Ankney, President of Small Business CFO, with his financial guruness helped develop the financial modeling, What a team! And it has been a pleasure working with all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"The networking opportunities were great! The organization is solid, the management is great and the food was very good! It's nice to catch up with old friends and business contacts during the Holiday Season."
Teresa Kaczmarczyk - web designer - TK-Production

Nelly, our hostess for the evening, took the microphone and welcomed everyone, giving thanks to our host, Frankie of Gaetana’s for helping make the evening great. She also gave a big thank you to all of our sponsors including: The Creative Group/Robert Half Technologies, Dealery, AdvancedEmedia with Web Jaguar, 1105media with Web Design World, and TEKSERVE, and our product sponsors Wacom. Nelly then introduced and thanked the NYC Steering Committee members - myself and Kristin Vincent - for our support throughout the year. We then kicked it into high gear with the first of many raffle drawings of the evening.


It was with great anticipation that Kelly Schwartz from The Creative Group and Robert Half Technologies, after a few words, offered a toast to "finding great opportunities and to finding great talent in 2011...Happy Holidays" and selected the first of many winners of the evening. Barbara Nelson and Jennifer Chu won designer flash drives.

Limor Elkayam of Dealery was set to select the next raffle winners and, after a few words about DEALERY, she offered a toast to "saving money and to finding all of the day’s deals...Happy Holidays." And the next winners were Tonio Lovejoy and Candice Lolier.

Rounding out the evening with Toasts and Cheer:

AdvancedEmedia with Web Jaguar offered a toast to "new partnerships in 2011 and to finding many new revenue streams...with Web Jaguar at your side."

1105media with Web Design World offered a toast to "staying on the leading edge of web and mobile design and to growing your business in 2011...see you in Orlando at Web Design World 2011..."

TEKSERVE offered a toast "Here is to getting the best customer service and finding an Apple under your tree..."

There were raffle drawings throughout the evening and Nelly, Kristin, and I worked in tandem to give out the rest of the prizes. The Wacom Bamboo Craft Pen and Touch Tablets were the final and most anticipated raffle of the evening and the winners were Barbara Jones and Ling Hsu.

The winners for the night were:
Jennifer Chiu of JC HyperActive Studio
Barbara Nelson of Barbara Nelson Photography
Tonio Lovejoy of Reach the World
Candice Lolier of CKL Designs
Martha Post of Growth Catalytics
Frank Liparoto - Restaurateur
Barbara Jones of One2One Network
Ling Hsu, Industrial Designer

With all the connections made and the great feedback, this looks like it was the event to attend this Holiday Season!

"The event was great, probably the best holiday party we've had. Great crowd!"
Carol Berger - Owner, project management consulting firm Technoware Systems, Inc.

"A brilliant group of people to throw ideas back and forth. I really liked meeting with like-minded entrepreneurs, brainstorming the next venture."
Ling Hsu - Industrial Designer - Gordon Bruce Design

"Great crowd, wonderful people and committed sponsor engagement"
MJ Broadbent

"This was a fun event that started off the Holiday Season and a great networking opportunity."
Michelle Monaco

We want to thank our photographer Barbara Nelson for capturing some great moments and the tenor of the party.

Happy holidays, here's to a happy and prosperous new year! We look forward to seeing you all in 2011!