How to Build a Successful Blog
Event date: November 03 2010
Posted by: Kristin Vincent

Blog Strategy? THINK BIGGER -- that was the key takeaway last Wednesday evening as Nelly Yusupova, the chapter leader of NYC Webgrrls and the company's CTO, conducted her workshop, How to Create a Successful Blog,
to a packed house, gathered to learn how to take their blogs to the next level.

Nelly said, "Yes, blogs have measurable results (number of visitors, number of subscribers, etc), but think through the less quantitative benefits of blogging, such as increased speaking engagements, consulting gigs, and even book deals."

"This event infused me with excitement, ideas and new expectations about what I could create.  I came in expecting to learn a few things, and left full of creative and practical ideas for building business, community and life. I can't wait to turn this knowledge and resource to work. The evening was a life changer!"
Susan Elliot - Investor

The evening started with each person planning the strategy behind their blog and identifying the blog's business goals, specific target audience, budget, and indicators for success. Nelly walked people through how to develop an effective strategy for a blog and then build and market it to achieve those business objectives.

Nelly then moved on through the logistics of setting up and maintaining a blog. She discussed the pros and cons of various blogging platforms, whether you should pay to host or use a free service, how to select the right feature set for your blog, and the difference between widgets and plugins. She also introduced the room to the emerging terminology around blogging, such as blog roll, blog carnival, and blogosphere.

Insider tips - Write clear, keyword-rich titles, chunk your content visually to help readers, automate related posts at the end of each post to keep readers engaged, and make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog and share content through social networks.

"I am not in the technology industry and was very comfortable in the room considering the breadth, depth of tech/web experience surrounding me. The information was delivered at a good pace in a format that was easy for me to understand and digest. I am excited about all I've learned."

People with many different professions filled the room: entrepreneurs, visual designers, web consultants, and marketers, to name a few. And the subjects of their blogs were just as diverse, from gardening, to dog walking, to tips on how to restart your career over the age of 40.

People who had existing blogs left with the tools they needed to increase site traffic and readership, and those just starting out left with a plan of how to get started with an effective plan in place.

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