LI Webgrrls Networking Meeting - September 2010
Event date: September 28 2010
Posted by: Ellen DePasquale

Webgrrls were in full force at the September meeting and ready to get back to work. Members and guests got there early to mingle and enjoy the refreshments. Even though the meetings are in the evening, everyone seems to appreciate the coffee. At the very least it wakes us up for the non-stop discussions, introductions, and networking!

"What I like best is the free and open discussion that included everyone and was moderated well."
Sheila Ziegler - Bradley Marketing Group

It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to introduce and thank Nicole Pagoulatos, Director of Operations at ExecuTrain of Long Island, our sponsor for the evening and home of LI Webgrrls. After a few words about ExecuTrain of Long Island and the classes they offer, Nicole reminded us that ExecuTrain is still offering two free classes to anyone who has been laid-off in the past year. This offer is going to end soon, so if you are interested in taking advantage of it, please contact ExecuTrain of Long Island.


1. Our next meeting is October 28th at ExecuTrain of Long island. The meeting continues to be free for members, and will be $10 for non-members. Please Note: this is a Thursday, rather than a Tuesday.

2. A reminder that Webgrrls International membership is as low as $55/year. It will pay for itself in just 6 meetings!

3. For everyone using Twitter please follow us at @LIWebgrrls.

4. Webgrrls International was a media sponsor of BizTechDay, an all-day entrepreneur event in Manhattan recently, and one of our LI Member, Laura Joseph, was a lucky winner of a free ticket. Congratulations Laura, I enjoyed sitting with you at the event.

5. Raffles - a free class courtesy of ExecuTrain of Long Island, two books from BizTechDay, "the mesh: by Lisa Gansky and "Delivering Happiness" by Tony , both courtesy of Webgrrls International, and my book, "It's About Time: Time Management Tips From The Software Revitalist".

Our discussion this month was "Multi-tasking is a Myth." The truth is that it is a myth as people are incapable of focusing on more than one thing at a time. What we wind up doing is called "task-switching" and it can cost us time rather than save us time. The conversation revolved around techniques being used to try to stop distractions. The advice ranged from turning all cell phones, land phones, and audio computer reminders (especially when you get email) off, during a specific time of the day to focus on the project at hand. Another suggestion was to create a to do list the night before and tackle the biggest task first. However, people work in different ways, and another one of our members stated that she tries to complete the simplest tasks first in order to quickly get them off her list, creating less stress and the ability for her to be more focused.

It was, and is, certainly and important topic that we all struggle with, and I am sure the conversation on "task-switching" is not over!

After a short break to stretch and grab another snack, we got to the “Heart and Soul” of every meeting, the full introductions. As we traveled around the room each person shared who they were, what they did, along with the Webgrrls famous what they NEED, and what they OFFER. This allows everyone to gain more insight, however, it is not as easy as it sounds. We break the standard networking mold and encourage creativity. Besides all their businesses, the women offered proofreading, website assistance, and the willingness to share the process of how to self-publish your own book. It is great to listen to variety of OFFERS and the extent that everyone is willing to try to help each other. LI Webgrrls networking meetings continue to facilitate relationships that build quickly and easily!

We had some fun with our host, Nicole, as she pulled the winners from the bowl and wound up selecting her own! The night’s winners were Nancy Borg for the free class, Barbara Simons for "the mesh", Nicole Pagoulatos for "Delivering Happiness", and Laura Caggiano for my book. Congratulations to both of them!

We moved to the casual networking as women continued to talk about their NEEDS and OFFERS as well as the possible topics covered earlier. It is amazing how fast two hours can go when everyone is so involved!

Thank you to all who attended for making this another wonderful meeting. LI Webgrrls continues to grow and we had another two new members join after this meeting!

If you couldn’t make it on September 28th you missed networking with some great women and I am sorry that you missed it. If you have been thinking about coming to a meeting don't wait any longer!

Be a part of something big! Help drive the direction of LI Webgrrls.

RSVP Now for our next meeting - October 28th (Thursday) at ExecuTrain of Long Island!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Ellen DePasquale
Long Island Webgrrls Chapter Leader
[email protected]