NYC Webgrrls Mastermind & Networking Meeting
Event date: September 15 2010
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

NYC Webgrrls kicked off the fall with an invigorating Mastermind & Networking event on September 15. A smaller group made for some high-intensity brainstorming and a great opportunity to understand how we could help each other and make contacts.

"I rate this meeting a 10...I found it much easier to connect with people due to the smaller group size."
Rebecca Kahikina
Blogger - OverU Boots
Ever have business ideas or career problems that you wish you could bounce off a group of smart women? Well, that's what Webgrrls offered during the first 30 minutes of Wednesday's meeting. One woman looking to build her company's social media presence--thus market more effectively--took Webgrrls up on it. During the "Mastermind" session, everyone in the room was able to collectively offer feedback to her. There was a lot of knowledge in the room!
After the Mastermind Session, Webgrrls went around the circle of business owners, job seekers, designers, marketing experts, and bloggers, allowing each individual to talk for a few minutes about themselves. Everyone took the opportunity to tell the rest of the group who they are and what they do, then something they needed and what they could offer. Often another person at a Webgrrls meeting will "click" with you in some way and maybe even be able to offer exactly what you need, or vice versa. You never know on what level you might be able to connect! It always happens, someone will light up with an idea after hearing what you have to say.
The evening finished up with informal networking. Webgrrls members and other attendees exchanged business cards and made more personal connections with those whose introductions and needs/gives matched up with their own skills, problems, knowledge, or business issues.

Thank you to Shirley and AXA Advisors for hosting us. Join us next month for "How to Build a Successful Blog" and don't miss the Annual Webgrrls Holiday Party on December 7!