How to Use Twitter for Business
Event date: July 28 2010
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung
Almost everyone has at least heard of Twitter these days, and more and more people are joining daily. Even Saturday Night Live is doing skits about Twitter! But knowing how to best use Twitter, especially to market your business, can be baffling. That's where Webgrrls' "How to Use Twitter for Business" Workshop comes in!

Women came to the event on Wednesday, July 28, to either learn what Twitter is about or--for those already on Twitter--how to do a better job at using it for business. How do you build a following? How do you get more clients, not just more followers? And how on earth do you have time for all this?

Nelly Yusupova teaching How to use Twitter for BusinessWebgrrls International CTO, Nelly Yusupova, addressed these and many other questions over the 2 1/2 hour workshop at AXA Advisors Broadway offices.

The best way to become a Twitter expert is to use it. Nelly herself was skeptical when she heard about Twitter, "Something else I have to keep up with, what's the point? I don't care who had Wheaties for breakfast." But she started Tweeting and realized the huge potential of Twitter as a marketing tool for businesses, but only if when leveraged correctly.

Twitter teaches you a new way of thinking, you must boil down your thoughts or message to 140 characters. The best advice: Be interesting! Interesting information is re-tweeted, and re-tweeting is the best way to both gain new followers and to spread your message beyond your own followers.

"I came away with a whole new view of Twitter as an excellent marketing tool. Nelly emphasized the relationship-building opportunities, gave us great technical tips, and generally made the 2 hours inspiring and productive. "
Joan Albert
Graphic and web designer
Think Design LLC

Other than directly marketing a product, Twitter is great for staying on top of industry trends and for "crowd sourcing," getting an answer or ideas by asking for feedback from your "crowd" of followers.

Nelly explained hashtags and other terms in the Twitterverse, also recommending tools and software to manage your Twitter account(s). Nelly also presented case studies, a few real-world examples of Twitter success, such as a coffee shop in Houston that lets you order by a Tweet or a flower shop that gives away free flowers to local Twitter followers on their birthday or anniversary.

"You took the time to build a solid foundation of understanding for Twitter novices. I learned about applications that could help me tailor Twitter to my own needs. Thanks Nelly!"
Rebecca Kahikina
Student/office manager/blogger
FIT/Employees ONly/

The participants were armed with the tips, tools, and know-how to better leverage their Tweets for their companies or products and some were ready for even "deeper look into how to use it in a more
creative/sophisticated way to grow my business."

"Create a higher-level class, Nelly! The world is ready!"
Ann Bingley Gallops
Feng Shui Consultant
Open Spaces Feng Shui

And at the next Twitter Workshop, "Twitter Business Strategies" scheduled soon, we will cover:
  • how to go about achieving strategic goals using Twitter
  • when it's good/bad to use auto-DM
  • dealing with direct competitors
  • the time management & strategic issues of managing a Fan Page & Twitter account simultaneously, and more.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Webgrrls is taking a break in August. We hope to see you at our Mastermind & Networking meeting meeting in September
Submit your business situations and your business dilemmas and lets see if Webgrrls can get you past some of the obstacles that you are facing during the mastermind portion of the event.