LI Webgrrls Networking Meeting - July
Event date: July 27 2010
Posted by: Ellen DePasquale

Webgrrls don't slow down during the summer as our July meeting included warm introductions and a heated discussion topic. Many members and guests arrived early enough for refreshments and pre-meeting conversations so the start of the meeting was, as usual, close to on-time. Being punctual allows for a lengthy discussion, extended individual introductions, lots of shared experiences and great advice. Even the first-time guests were willing to tell stories that showed their vulnerability in order to share their life-changing lessons.  LI Webgrrls networking meetings continue to create an environment of support that enables an amazing exchange of ideas.

"It was an intimate group (which I liked)and was very informative. All attendees seemed to be sincere and interested in each other. No one was selling their business (which I also liked)."
Nancy Borg - Move The Mess


The July 27th meeting was just the first of the summer. Webgrrls have spoken, and we will be reconvening on August 24th when we will be discussing topics for workshops and seminars to be developed this Fall. And, if you think its too early to commit to August 24, think again, we are already getting many RSVPs for the last of the LI Webgrrls FREE networking meetings! You don't want to miss it!

It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to introduce and thank Nicole Pagoulatos, Director of Operations at ExecuTrain of Long Island, our sponsor for the evening and home of LI Webgrrls. After a few words about ExecuTrain of Long Island and the classes they offer, Nicole reminded us that ExecuTrain is still offering two free classes to anyone who has been laid-off in the past year.

This month I shared two valuable posting from the Webgrrls listserve mailing list. The first post was looking for a web designer and the second post shared a link to useful marketing template! As a member, the support doesn't stop when the meeting is over!

Other news included:
1. I was thrilled to introduce a new member, and my new Member Coordinator, Kim Beckers. Kim was instrumental to helping the meeting run smoothly and I really look forward to working with her.

2. A reminder that  in September the LI Webgrrls meetings will be free for members to attend, and will be $10 for non-members.

3. For everyone using Twitter please follow us at @LIWebgrrls.

This month's discussion topic was "Our Date - In the Clouds vs. On the Ground". Although this was a little more of a technical topic, there was great conversation on a very user-friendly level. The discussion touched many ways in which we are all using cloud computing (such as online banking), as well as uncovered many of the pros, and cons, of having our data on "someone else's computer". Issues of security and connectivity were expressed, and even though we did not have all the answers, we all certainly had opinions. This is an ongoing conversation among IT professionals, and one that LI Webgrrls will keep their eye on as it continues to develop.

"This was another fabulous meeting run by Ellen. I learned something new from the "topic discussion" that I can share with others. Ellen is very enthusiastic. She ensures that everyone stays on topic and creates an environment that supports a valuable networking experience.
Laney Liner - Blue Thunder Creative Group, Inc.

Having briefly introduced the members during the Webgrrls announcements, we were ready to get to the “Heart and Soul” of the meeting…the full introductions. Our journey around the room included the opportunity for each person to tell us who they were, what they did, along with the Webgrrls famous what they NEED, and what they OFFER. I love how much this surprises our first-time attendees and how much it makes everyone think about what they are going to say. One member shared recent developments in her life that may lead her to a Good Morning America interview while a first-time guest told how she just completed a move after living in her home for 30 years and how cleansing it was for her. Interestingly, she also disclosed that she had blogged daily about the experience and how, upon reading back to her original posts, realized how much she has changed. It is the comfort that these intimate details are shared that make LI Webgrrls networking so special and exciting, and lend to helping relationships build quickly and easily!

Everyone was eager to win the ExecuTrain free class raffle and a copy of my book It's About Time: Time Management Tips from The Software Revitalist. A guest did the honors and the night’s winners were Ria Muriello for the free class and Sheila Ziegler for the book. Congratulations to both of them!

Refreshments and networking continued and many the conversations were animated as the women were full of smiled. Targeted networking brings great results!

Thank you to all who attended for making this another wonderful meeting. LI Webgrrls continues to grow with new members joining after each meeting!

If you couldn’t make it last month you missed networking with some great women and I am sorry that you missed it, but, we have two exciting meeting this summer; August 24 where 
we will be "Brainstorming for LI Webgrrls Workshop Topics."

Be a part of something big! Help drive the direction of LI Webgrrls.

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

Ellen DePasquale
Long Island Webgrrls Chapter Leader
[email protected]