How to plan, develop, and manage a great website project
Event date: June 16 2010
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

Webgrrls introduced a new workshop on June 16--How to Plan, Develop, and Manage a Great Web Project. The event was meant not just for designers, developers, or project managers but for business owners and other professional who are involved in creating websites for their own companies or clients. The panel was made up of experts in three aspects of the field--technology, design, and usability--all ready to give their insider tips.

"You can't get this kind of intimate reveal about being a woman in the web business. No egos, just sharing information. It's what it's all about!"
Katerina Caterisano - Creative Director
Network Design and Communications

First up was Nelly Yusupova, the Chief Technical Officer of Webgrrls International and founder of Digital Woman. Nelly talked about web projects from the perspective of a web technology specialist, giving tips to those on both sides of the table. She stressed the importance of a having a good plan before getting started. A business owner who knows exactly what she wants and needs--and can afford--going into a web project will save a valuable amount of time and money. She also warned web designers against taking on "problem" clients and what signs to look for in a bad fit.

Kristin Vincent, Director of User Experience at Scholastic, was the next to take the podium. Foremost, she wanted to explain to us just what is a Usability Expert or Information Architect and how important usability is to a website's success. She gave enlightening examples to really get her points across. For example, she explained how the wording of one button can make a huge difference on traffic to a section of a website. Bottom line? Users rarely behave exactly as you expect them to, so usability testing is vital.

Robin Horton, Principal and Creative Director of Robin Horton Design, was on hand for her design expertise. Robin showed how design must not only be attractive and appropriate for the company it represents, but how it interacts with the technology of the site. She also highlighted design's inseparable relationship with usability. She finished by demonstrating the evolution of design on the web inthe past decade plus, and showed examples of good and bad design.

"Nelly, Kristin, and Robin talks were so clear and concise, and contained great insights from the process beginning to end."

Monti Burnett - Perspectives

A quick Q&A afterward helped clarify and emphasize certain points, and participants came away from the workshop armed with tools to use from either side of a web project, useful "tips and tricks" from experts in the field.

"I got a very good idea of the viability of my project and the proper way to proceed. The information I got could end up saving me a lot of money in the long run so that makes it very worthwhile."
Mahalia Watson - Producer/Project Manager -

Thank you again to Eleonora Anastasia and AXA Advisors for hosting the event. Eleonora offers herself as a resource for Webgrrls if any need advice on planning finances, investments or insurance.

We hope to see you at our next event, another evening of our popular workshop How to Use Twitter for Business on July 28! RSVP Now!