Webgrrls Raleigh Networking Meeting
Event date: May 25 2010
Posted by: Heather Kilcrease

With a smaller but very enthusiastic core of amazing women, Raleigh Webgrrls launched on May 25th and dived right into brainstorming, planning, networking and connecting. The conversation was friendly, fast paced, and fluid, and excitement and energy filled the room.

"This is a very unique group in that members are invited to contribute both ideas as well as services to the group."
Mary Chen - Chen Language Services, LLC

A Great Big Thank You...
iContact was our sponsor and we jump-started the evening with an introduction and a great big THANK YOU to James Wong and his colleagues for hosting the event and James offered his web marketing experience to all Raleigh Webgrrls and spoke about his enthusiasm to help our chapter succeed.

Overture Webgrrls Style...
We got right to the "heart and soul" of the Webgrrls meeting...the introductions. Each person told us "who they were, what they did, what they need and what they offer," sharing their experience, what they wanted to accomplish, and ideas geared toward the future.

Dynamic and diverse best describes our group with professionals from many industries including; social media, programming, web development and with entrepreneurs and consultants and career women in attendance.

"Raleigh Webgrrls is a group with passion and enthusiasm where you don't get lost in the sea of same old, same old."
Joanna Wolfe - IT security and privacy professional

Moving Forward...
Together we determined how we can best serve the Webgrrls community, women in business and our technology professionals throughout the Raleigh/Durham area and brainstormed about future meeting and possible alternate locations to serve even more of the community.

In the event that you wanted to attend our Raleigh Webgrrls event, but just couldn't make it this time…we have some good news! We have some amazing networking opportunities and seminars coming up very soon.

Always Know...
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me any time. If you would like your contacts to tune into the Raleigh Webgrrls announcements, make sure they sign up for the Raleigh Webgrrls announce list.

Thank you to all who attended and for making this launch such a unique and unforgettable event.

I look forward to seeing everyone on June 22nd.  RSVP Now!