LA Webgrrls Chapter Launch Event
Event date: May 12 2010
Los Angeles Webgrrls Re-Launch Ignites the Enthusiasm!

Talent and Opportunities - Networking and Connecting
Excitement, enthusiasm and energy carried the evening...the LA Webgrrls re-launch meeting on May 12th was smaller and more intimate, but, awesome, chalk full of interesting people, with lively and spirited conversation, brainstorming and thoughtful planning, and more...much more.

Our Gracious Sponsors and Opportunities Galore...
We kicked-off the activities with an introduction and big THANK YOU to Laury Martin and her colleagues from Golin Harris for hosting the event. Laury spoke about employment opportunities from her HR network and offered her HR expertise to all LA Webgrrls.

Hello, My name is...
In attnedance was a diverse and dynamic group of professionals ranging from project managers, marketing professionals, sales people, programmers, web developers, career women, entrepreneurs, consultants and independent contractors, and we got right to the "heart and soul" of the Webgrrls meeting...the introductions. We went around the room and each person took the opportunity to tell us "who they were, what they did, what they need and what they offer," with several attendees armed with employment opportunities, ideas for future meeting and what they expected to accomplish from this revitalization of the LA chapter of Webgrrls.

Moving Forward...
We then launched into some amazing brainstorming about the LA Chapter and how we can best serve the Webgrrls community, women in business and our technology professionals throughout the Los Angeles area. Together, we came up with some great suggestions for future meetings, varied locations and shared experiences that can really benefit Webgrrls.

So, if you wanted to attend our LA Webgrrls event, but just couldn't make it this time...breathe easy! We will make networking opportunities available on both the East and West side as well as trying some places in the middle. Look out for LA Webgrrls coming to a place near you!

Let me know...
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me any time. If you would like your contacts to tune into the LA Webgrrls announcements, make sure they sign up for the LA Webgrrls newsletter.

Thank you to all who attended for making this launch such a genuine and valued networking experience. I look forward to seeing you all at the next LA Chapter meeting on Wednesday, June 23rd! See you there!

Ronjini Mukhopadhyay
Los Angeles Webgrrls Chapter Leader
[email protected]