How to Use Online Video to Promote your Brand
Event date: May 12 2010
Posted by: Webgrrls Staff

NYC Webgrrls were ready for their screen test!

This month the NYC Webgrrls were immersed in all things video in a quick paced, information packed, workshop where the depth and breadth of information was voluminous and it was as entertaining and it was illuminating (full of puns)

John John Palacio and Luz Montez from Andnow Media shared the What's, Where's and How to's of online video. We covered everything from hiring a production company and Do-It-Yourself approaches to production, production agreements and talent release forms, lighting and audio and the rule of thirds and Fair Use laws and everything in between.

"This was an excellent introduction to putting video on web sites. The presenter's passion was very apparent. I hope to start using the things I learned soon."
Jonathan Ankney - Founder
Small Business CFO, Inc.

Eagerness and excitement were high as, right from the start, the questions were coming in hot and heavy...everyone wanted to to do it and how to do it well and the answers kept coming too.

User Conversions & Increasing Sales
  • Want user conversions? Video is the way to go.
  • When video is on a sales page, sales increased by 32.1%

How long should my video be?
  • 40% of your audience leaves the video after 7 seconds
  • 90% of your audience leaves the video after 1 minute
  • Tip: Keep your videos short and keep your audience/customers wanting more...this also lets you save money on production costs.

Types of video that work best? 
How to Videos are #1

Hiring vs. Do it Yourself
Hiring Tips
  • Get a reel – Find out what they did on the reel – perhaps they just held the microphone
  • Have them to prove it – through anecdotes and references
  • Make sure your personalities click
  • Contracts – Deliverables, scope, payments tied to milestones, (great handout)
  • Releases – rights and clearance is very important

Do-it-Yourself Tips
  • Make sure that the subject is separated from backspace
  • Never just use a white wall
  • Use a script
  • Always have a call to action
  • Rehearse if you are going to appear
  • Audio levels should never go into the red
  • If you are in the sun then your background should be in the sun. If you are in the shade then your background should be in the shade.

John then took us through the Creative Triangle – Quality, Cost, and Time. If you want it quick and inexpensive then quality might suffer, but, if you have the time and the budget you can get as much quality as you want – find the balance that is right for you and your company.

"The hand outs were great, resources were amazing, examples used really made a point, and the Q and A was fun yet informative, I got a lot out of this presentation."
Leah Joy Malberg
Founder - Zenful Dance/

John said, "the most important part of video is your audio and remember, you are your own worst critic".