Pricing and Negotiating Workshop
Event date: April 21 2010
Posted by: Kristin Vincent

Are we "right pricing" our projects to ensure profitability?
Are we earning the income that we think we are?
Do we know the personality characteristics of our "negotiating partner"?
Are we navigating objections effectively?
And do we know our "walk away point"?

Kevin Kennedy"This was one of the best seminars I've ever been to. Kevin is a great teacher…he showed us what's happening on both sides of the negotiating table (and why) and demystified this process for me."
Michelle Gorenstein – Phixative

Kevin Kennedy, co-founder and CEO of Webgrrls International, took the NYC Webgrrls on a high impact, very interactive pricing and negotiating journey with examples, anecdotes, exercises, personality profiles and role-playing and set us on a path to becoming more effective in our lives and more successful in our businesses.

"The techniques and tips are enormously helpful, but the insights into human behavior take this workshop to another level."
Deirdre Wyeth - D. Wyeth & Associates

We discovered how professionalism affects price, how we communicate affects price, how effective use of the sales process affects price, and how "terms of the deal" can often affect price.

The Mantra - Professionalism = More Money

We often ask ourselves how much we should charge per hour…We were encouraged to instead to ask ourselves how much we should earn per hour. Factoring in long hours worked and the high cost of expenses, Many of us discovered we actually are earning a much lower income than we might think…and that is not good for business.

Kevin said, "If you are doing billable work and you don’t know your baseline hourly rate, you will probably be out of business pretty quickly." He then took us through an exercise to calculate our baseline hourly rate.

The tips, tactics and the walk through of a structured approach to pricing…one that clearly calculates the highest fair amount you could charge and the lowest amount you should take before walking away from the deal, were some of the highlights of the workshop and were practical and tactical elements that we could incorporate into our practices right away to impact our bottom line. At the end of the pricing exercise, he asked us to re-price one of our own projects…Many people in the room ended up with a price 30-50% higher.

Kevin Kennedy"Kevin’s workshop went way beyond my expectations…I wanted to learn about how to improve my pricing structure, and this totally showed me what I was doing wrong and how to evolve it."
Diane Cardinal

Kevin demonstrated how to proactively flip possible negatives, such as being a solo-consultant instead of an agency, into strengths that the client can understand, allowing you to charge more, giving a better service and saving the client some money. We did role-playing exercises on how to sell our selves and our expertise instead of allowing the negotiations to be based on price alone. We also practiced ways to find out the potential client’s budget, even when they assure you they don’t have one.

"I loved the fact that this workshop was practical, significantly above basic level, assumed audience was experienced, needed improvement, versus start up."
Martha Post – Marketing Expert

After we each had a firmer grasp of how we should price our projects, the question on everyone’s mind was the same: So how do I get someone to pay that price? For the rest of the evening, Kevin introduced us to multiple negotiation strategies we can use to ensure we stay in control of the negotiation process and come away from the table with a deal we’re happy with.

He explained that everything is negotiable, and walked us through how to strategize so we know ahead of time which things we are willing to compromise on, which things we are willing to let go, and which things are "must haves" from our point of view.

He also helped us avoid the pitfalls of getting to the bottom line too quickly, stressing that the best deals are reached between parties that establish common ground and genuinely enjoy working together. We each did a quick self-assessment of our personality types and discovered which personality style best described us. We learned there are assertiveness characteristics and emotional characteristic of each personality type that we all need to be aware of and take into consideration when negotiating a deal. He explained that we should always be looking for win-win situations, and that, by understanding the other person’s needs, we can more quickly reach a win-win situation and both shake hands with a smile.

"Kevin’s Pricing and Negotiation workshop was immensely helpful…My negotiating skills really need practice. The amount of information given in so short a time was the best...The 2-1/2 hours went by too fast!"
Sarah Peterson – Web Designer

"I like that Kevin had real world, viable situations and examples that were related to my business"
Michelle Alderson – Graphic Designer

As the session wrapped up, many people lingered in the room, saying that they felt empowered to ask for a fair and higher price, and they felt more confident armed with the skills to negotiate deals on their terms.

Join us on May 12 for another interactive workshop on How to Use Online Video to Promote your Brand.