NYC Webgrrls Networking Meeting
Event date: February 17 2010
Posted by: Kristin Vincent
New faces, regular faces, lots of faces - Entrepreneurs, independent contractors, freelancers, marketers, videographers, Web developers, graphic designers, project manager, organizers, photographers, audio engineers, CPA, coaches, financial advisers - Ahhh! Networking at it's finest! Nelly Yusupova, the NYC Webgrrls chapter leader, and the NYC Webgrrls kicked off 2010 with a networking bang and what a big bang it was.

"So much more focused and effective than typical business networking events".
Donna Vassallo
Writer - MarketingWorks NY

Nelly opened the night by outlining NYC Webgrrls' 2010 goals, most notably the goals of growing membership to build a stronger network, additions to the networking format, offering new workshops and programs, Webgrrls mastermind sessions, the Webgrrls Accelerator for Small Business Members and more.

A partial agenda for NYC Webgrrls 2010 is:
March 24 - Social Media Marketing
April 7 - Mastermind/Networking Meeting
April 21 - Pricing and Negotiating
May 12 - Video Podcasting
June 16 - How to plan, develop, and manage a great website project

Have an idea for a workshop/panel? Let Nelly Know.

Nelly introduced and thanked Shirley Rossman and Siheun Song, our hosts, from AXA Advisors and Shirley explained how she and AXA could help people achieve their financial goals.

With a packed house and over 100 RSVPs
, Webgrrls lined up, wall to wall, to take their turn at the podium and introduced themselves in the true Webgrrls fashion including the Needs and Offers.

"This event exceeded my expectations…and I was pleasantly surprised to find a large, diverse group of skilled professionals. Great place to make connections!"
Kelly Janes
Owner - Owl's Head Business Services

Some people were looking for jobs, some were looking for clients, and others were looking for talent to hire.
A couple people were new to the city and looking to connect with people in the industry. Others asked the group for help with things such as negotiating business contracts, finding speaking engagements, and getting the most out of Google Analytics.

"It was an excellent meeting and attracted a substantial group of professionals across many industries."
Ellen DePasquale
Software Training - Efficient Office Computing

People offered complementary financial consultations, life coaching
, great deals on promotional materials, yoga instruction, and help recording audio books. One woman even offered to help people write personalized affirmations to help them grow in a particular area (and I got one and now say it twice a day!).

"Webgrrls did a great job with their business networking event and I made a couple of good contacts. Thanks for organizing the event."
Ilana Eberson
President & CEO - The NYC Business Networking Group

It was an inspiring evening of networking and connecting, chatting and sharing, informing and engaging. I'm really looking forward to next month's event and especially the new types of events we'll have throughout the year. See you next time!