Chicago Webgrrls Networking Meeting
Event date: October 28 2009
Posted by: Judi Wunderlich

The "new" Chicago Webgrrls kicked off their first official networking meeting on October 28, 2009, sponsored by the WunderLand Group.

The 20 women in attendance had a great time sharing experiences and goals, and noshing on delicious sandwiches.

In established Webgrrls style, each woman introduced herself with a brief bio, then stated any needs they had, while making an offer of help to another. You can check online here and see some of those needs/offers.

The group also discussed future events including more networking and workshops. One of the first workshops planned will be on Social Media - how to leverage online networks to propel your career or business forward, while establishing and nurturing valuable relationships.  There will also be guest speakers at future events discussing specific topics such as Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, User Experience Design and Research, Flash/ActionScript Tips and Tricks, and more!