San Francisco Webgrrls Networking Meeting
Event date: October 20 2009
Posted by: Webgrrls Staff
It is networking and leveraging your network of contacts that are most important as everyone is realizing that in today's "new" economy, it is from the people you know where the opportunity will come.

We had an awesome San Francisco Webgrrls networking meeting last week at the Art Institute of California - San Francisco.  Nelly Yusupova, CTO of Webgrrls International, kicked off the activities by introducing and thanking the sponsors for the eventing. 

Micheal Swank, Director of the Web Design Interactive Media program at the Art Institute of California - San Francisco, told us about an array of programs that the Art institute offers.

JC Curran a representative of The Creative Group, who sponsored the snacks for the event, gave a great summation of the current state of hiring in today’s economic environment.

Those in attendance made up an amazing talent pool of women and men who were there to share, inform and connect. We had Web developers, Social Media specialists, recruiters, programmers, project managers, multi-media producers, business consultants, entrepreneurs, freelancers and more.

“This event had a lot of good energy. Those in attendance were open, sharing and helpful. I left feeling good.”
Theresa Timpson
Human Resources Management

It was a great evening as we went around the room introducing ourselves and telling what we need and what we offer, leveraging the formalized Webgrrls networking format to identify who we wanted to connect with. We could hardly wait to break into the informal networking section of the evening and make those connections and build the next relationship that our businesses needed.

“I always enjoy the Webgrrls International networking events because they attract quality men and women who are creative, passionate and helpful. I loved meeting new people with diverse skills, interests and interests and then seeing where we can create some synergy.”
Joy M. Nordenstrom
CEO/Joy of Romance, Inc.

The event went well over the allotted time as the conversations kept going and connections were being made and hopefully careers and businesses were being propelled forward.

Thank you to all who attended and we look forward to seeing you all at the next San Francisco Webgrrls networking meeting!