Blogging Basics
Event date: March 25 2009
Posted by: Kristin Vincent

What is Blogging? What is the anatomy of a blog? What is a blog reader? What are RSS feed and widgets and plugins and digg and permalink and social bookmarking? What is a hosted vs. self-hosted platform and what is Wordpress and MovableType…all these questions and more were answered at Blogging Basics workshop for the NYC Webgrrls and led by Nelly Yusupova the Webgrrls CTO and NYC Webgrrls Chapter Leader.

“Nelly is a walking technology and social media encyclopedia!  And the good news is, she shares the information in a way that enables you to make sense of it all.”
Randy Rosler
Sales/Marketing/ Internet Entrepreneur - Isagenix

The attendees had varying experiences with blogs. Some were brand new to blogging and others had started a blog and wanted to make them more effective and professional. They were from various industries as well including, photography, medical field,  and even dance choreography…all wanting to learn about blogging and how to leverage this first element of social media.

“The way you organize and deliver the training is extremely clear, precisely
focused, and completely effective to get us moving in the right direction! There is not a single stray point -- everything is geared to starting whereever the audience is, and movin' on up from there!”

Diane Dolinsky-Pickar
Project Manager
Discovery Database

Beyond just theory, Nelly told which steps to take to get started blogging and she concluded by offering the top six things you should do to market your blog and talked about narrowing your focus and offering good quality content on a consistent schedule as what is necessary to not only create a blog but some things to think about to create a successful blog.

“Nelly makes a very thorough and visually clear presentation. She includes
enough information without overwhelming and delivers it in plain language
that anyone can understand…It was a wonderful event that exceeded my
expectations and fueled my interest.”

Creative Director/Art Director
Principal, Robin Horton Design

Everyone walked away excited and ready to get started with their newfound knowledge and understanding of blogging and the different elements that make up a blog and were ready to take the next blogging step:

Nelly’s next blogging workshop, ‘How to Build a Successful Blog” on April 22,  will delve deeper into the specifics on how to build a professional and successful blog and how to market it to your audience. If you have not RSVP'd yet, please do so ASAP.  We hope to see you there!