Social Media Marketing
Event date: February 25 2009
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung
Twitter, Facebook, Utterli, Youtube, Flikr…audio and video tools, social networks, social bookmarking, widgets, RSS feeds…Wow!  It can be overwhelming, but, Nelly armed everyone with plenty of info on using all the components of social media out there and answered questions in a lot of people’s minds during her Social Media Workshop, Wednesday night last week.

Nelly, of course, is Nelly Yusupova, the New York City Webgrrls chapter leader,  and she says, “Publish, share, network... That is what Social Media--a hot topic that is playing a growing role in business these days--is all about.” The women in the group attended to learn more about social media and why and how to use it to promote a product or service or enhance a company's online presence.

Twitter, a popular microblogging site, is one of the fastest growing social media services in the industry and garnered much of the focus of the evening…microblogging…connecting and communicating in 140 characters of less makes for some very concise messaging.

So many tools…so little time. “Make sure you are managing your social media tools and they are not managing you” was Nelly’s mantra for the evening. “Marketing via social media tools, like any other marketing tools, just needs to be managed and scheduled.” Nelly stressed the need to schedule time to spend on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, time to use them effectively, on one hand, but also to not spend too much time and lose your day!”

Start with a blog as your social media hub and as the place to centralize your content and build your community. Connect with you users through multi or omni-dimensional conversations. Doing so is a very effective way to build a loyal following.

Social media is organic marketing, permission-based marketing and word-of-mouth at its best.
Be yourself, be helpful, and be authentic to keep your blog readers, your Twitter followers, or your Facebook friends/fans listening  to you. It's up to YOU to keep them interested.

Thank you to Eleonora Anastasia of AXA Advisors for providing space for the workshop. Eleonora is just a call away to help any Webgrrl with financial advice.

Ready to get started in social media with a blog? Join us for the Blogging Basics workshop on March 25!

Here is what the attendees had to say about the Social Media Workshop:

Lisa Leid
Account Manger at InteractiveOne
Just when you think you know about social marketing, Nelly shows you so much more

Marie Baker 
Online Marketing Director/Senior Account Executive      
Child’s Play Communications
Your descriptions of Social Bookmarking and Widgets were fantastic. I really understood them (finally!). I also really liked how you went into niche social media.  I’m aware of the popular communities but had no idea how expansive it all was.

Dawn Young
Documentary filmmaker & founder of
Nelly does a very thorough and energetic job at getting this information across while keeping it fun and alive and using first hand examples in her explanations. I will surely attend more of these events!