Social Media Business Marketing
Event date: October 22 2008
Posted by: Kristin Vincent
Widgets, blidgets blogging, microblogging, social bookmarking, vlogging, podcasts, RSS, tweeting with Twitter, Facebook and MySpace -  whoosh! Nelly Yusupova, the NYC Webgrrls chapter leader, took us behind the buzzwords and led us on an exploration of the growing landscape of Web 2.0 and how to leverage social media to market ourselves and our businesses. Nelly’s workshop was not a standard one-way broadcast but a fully interactive, full participation, organic workshop that we have come to expect from NYC Webgrrls…much like social media itself.

First there was Blogging Basics workshop, then How to Build a Successful Blog workshop and this time it was Social Media Marketing for your Business workshop…and our knowledge and understanding of the Web 2.0 tools and applications that are out there and how to use them, has just made a quantum leap and we are ready now to develop and deploy our new Social Media strategies.

Any technology that allows people to create, publish, network, share, and connect is how Nelly defined Social Media. Nelly demonstrated, live, some real-world examples of the power of "tweeting with Twitter" by showing, in almost real time, how she is able to connect with people, get more business and get more business done. She showed how to connect multiple microblogging sites so you can have a larger web presence without all the effort. For example, you can set things up so that your Twitter posts are pushed automatically to your Facebook profile and your other Web 2.0 outlets.

In addition to the heavy hitter sites that most of us were familiar with, she opened our eyes to the hundreds—if not thousands—of niche social networking sites. We saw knitting communities, dog communities, goal-setting communities. Basically whatever you're into, there's probably a social community in existence that is a great market ready for you to tap into.

Explained were sites like Utterli & Jott that allow you to create podcasts by simply leaving a voicemail message through your cell phone and automatically publish it to your website or blog and even Twitter. 
Nelly also introduced us to AtomKeep to centrally maintain a single profile that pushes updates to profiles on all your social sites. And then there are gadgets like the Flip camera or even your cell phone that allow you to shoot video and upload it to your site or YouTube without needing to compress the file or even plug in a cord. She also showed us how to search for widgets and "blidgets" to allow us to add the content that we create on social media sites to our blog and/or website and share our blog’s latest posts on sites like MySpace.
In addition to discussing where social media is currently, Nelly gave us a glimpse of where social media is headed. We talked about "cloud computing" and “working in a cloud”. Though, the concept is still being defined by industry leaders and participants, the basic idea of a "cloud" is a virtual space where people can share and collaborate on documents.

"With so much available, where do I start?"  was the question on most attendee’s mind and Nelly walked us through some steps on how to begin with a blog and then expand to only one new social technology at a time. We discussed ways to reap the benefits of social media by becoming a valued member of one or two communities, as opposed to only partially participating in many.

9PM came way too quickly
for those of us who were there and the AXA cleaning crew had to work around us as we were lingering to discuss ways to put this new knowledge into action. We definitely left jazzed about the new possibilities for how to tap into these new technologies to generate leads and a larger presence on the web.

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