How to Build a Successful Blog
Event date: July 30 2008
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung
In the blink of an eye, your first impression is made and you never have the opportunity to make a second first impression. This was just one of many key points that NYC Webgrrls Chapter Leader Nelly Yusupova emphasized during her July 31 workshop "How to Build a Successful Blog" for the NYC Webgrrls.

Good first impressions lead to a greater chance that the reader will stay long enough to read your blog. And once you have captured their interest, and you are consistently providing them value, the more loyal your readers will become, and as Nelly pointed out, "Loyal Readers are Valuable Readers"

The group of mostly women wanted to learn about blog building for several different reasons. Some were already bloggers who want to attract more visitors or activity on their blogs, others were just starting or considering a blog. Everyone shared their blog topic, or what they planned to write about when starting a blog, and the subjects ranged from politics and architecture to dating and beauty.

Along with loads of practical advice, Nelly also provided a handout with a list of great resources to help bloggers of all levels. It included tools to chose the best colors for your website/blog, links to promotion tips, must-have plugins, and more. She even shared the questionnaire she gives her own clients before designing or re-designing a blog.

Here is what the attendees had to say:
"Nelly delivers the information with such grace, confidence and credibility- as an expert in the blogging/website world. Every question was addressed and every slide was covered with enthusiasm and detail. I'm looking forward to the next seminar!"
Kelly Suzanne Hall - Marketing Developer/Blogger USA TODAY/

"The amount of incredible.  I was exhausted by the time I got home, my brain on overload.  This course far exceeded my expectations and has whetted my interest and provided me with the basics to get started with blogging."
Anne M. Murray

A big thanks goes to Bill Fischer of AXA Advisors, who hosted the event. (Need financial advice and/or services? Bill's your guy!)

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