San Francisco Webgrrls Networking Meeting
Event date: July 16 2008
Posted by: Nelly Yusupova

What an amazing group we had in attendance at the San Francisco Webgrrls meeting last week. The meeting was held at the Art Institute of California - San Francisco. The atmosphere was warm and comfortable and the sprit was exciting and friendly. Everyone was meeting, greeting and making connections... and anticipating winning the raffle prize.

"This was the best networking format that I¹ve yet to encounter. The value that I walked away with...was incredible." - Attendee of SF Webgrrls meeting

I kicked off the activities by welcoming everyone and setting the tone.  Lucy Marino & Leslie Ruiz, representing The Creative Group, our sponsor for the event, took a few minutes to highlight their services and invite everyone to imbibe in and enjoy the scrumptious fruit and cheese they provided...and Jon Ruiz of the Art Institute said a few words about the Art Institute of California - San Francisco.

Then the introductions started... We went around the room introducing ourselves to each other and each person took the opportunity to tell everyone who they were, what they do, what they need and what they can offer.

"I loved the format of introduction, stating needs and sharing what can be offered...Bravo!"  Susan Hanshaw  - Inner Architect

After the formal introductions, Arielle Patrice Scott, won the ticket to the BlogHer Conference and then we broke out into informal networking. That is where the connections were really was almost electric. We all stayed long past our scheduled time, conducting business and having a lot of fun!

"Interesting people, with different backgrounds. It was definitely one of the better networking events." - Claudia Mallin - Student (Computer Science)

"My expectations were exceeded by the breadth, depth, experience and talent of the individuals attending the meeting." - Shelley A. Edwards - Contract Technical Writer

The diversity of the group and the depth of experience and talent made for a very interesting and productive evening.

Thank you to all who attended.  We hope to organize another networking meeting in September and a Holiday Celebration in December.  Stay tuned for more details about those events!

We have a very vibrant San Francisco chapter and it is currently in leadership transition. If you or anyone you know is interested in leading the chapter, please let me know! For more information on what the position entails, please go to: