Webgrrls NYC Networking Meeting
Event date: May 14 2008
Posted by: Kristin Vincent
It is the amazing spirit of Webgrrls that I find so compelling and is the main reason why I participate so actively in the organization…and I was happy to hear a few of the women, who were attending their first Webgrrls Networking meeting last Wednesday Evening, noted the "oh-so-empowering-vibe" that we have.

They said: (combined and paraphrased)
The Webgrrls event wasn't a typical business card exchange where people state their elevator speech and move on. Instead they felt people truly wanted to get to know one another and help each other with their careers…while also building solid connections that would help them in their own careers.

This time our mix included business owners, programmers, journalists, photographers, entrepreneurial coaches, academics, yoga gurus, nutritionists and more…and oh yea, we had lurkers, long-time Webgrrls list lurkers…well former lurkers…one woman had lurked on the Webgrrls lists for over eight years and finally decided to attend her first meeting. We had a few men who were surprised to see other men in attendance…We should reiterated that anyone who supports women in technology and in business is always welcome.

The Needs for the evening were just as interesting as the people who were there. Several people in the room were in career transition and this started an interesting conversation about how we can react in our careers when we get laid off or get restless and want to explore new challenges and how to translate past skills into future selling points. Others were looking for beta testers and interns. Recruiters were hoping to match-up with Webgrrls' talent. A few people mentioned that they attended just to keep a pulse on what's going on in the industry and to see what people are buzzing about.

The Offerings were also as diverse. People offered help with professional needs such as marketing, outsourcing, writing copy, increasing their site's usability, and navigating the waters of starting your own company. There were also a few health and wellness experts in the room that offered to help the rest of us maintain a healthy work/life balance through nutrition, restorative yoga, and personal organization.

And the Raffle for the Evening:
Nelly raffled off a full conference pass to the SOA World Conference that was worth $1,895.  Congratulations to Anne Trauben for winning the great prize!

To anyone who has been lurking and debating about coming to one of our events, we'd love to see you for the next meeting! And for those who have joined us before, we hope to see you again.

Join us on June 10th for the Wine & Cheese Networking meeting!  Spaces for this event fill out fast, so RSVP ASAP!