Webgrrls NYC Networking Meeting
Event date: April 16 2008
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung
Spring fever must have taken hold at the April 16th (last Wednesday) networking meeting, as it was one of the most beautiful evenings of the year, so far. Around 50 people had RSVP'd and only around 20 made it…who can blame them…disappointment soon gave way to excitement as Nelly Yusupova, the NYC Webgrrls Chapter Leader, guided us through the agenda…with fewer attendees, we were able take more time getting to know each other as each of us could go more in depth about what we do and what we need. For some, it became an impromptu Webgrrls Hotseat.

"I got amazing advice from the people who were present. The atmosphere was supportive, colleagial and exciting.  I'll definitely come back" said Jezra Kaye, Speaker Coach and Speech writer.

The Webgrrls HotSeat is a chance to present any business, career, or personal issue that you are facing to the group and receive candid feedback and ideas to help address the issue and start to overcome it. You never know where you might find the answer!

We had many first timer and of course the regulars in attendance. The women who took the opportunity to sit in the HotSeat came away with suggestions regarding how to deal with a tough time in business, selecting a new and fulfilling career, and taking advantage of business downtime to "get into your head" to rethink professional goals. Kevin Kennedy , founder and CEO of Webgrrls International, suggested that everyone should get past thinking you are not quite qualified or that you have to learn everything in order to be qualified for a particular job: "If you have the ability to learn and can learn on the fly, you can do almost any job."

"I came to this meeting with some apprehension and no expectations. It turned out to be one of the best networking experiences I have ever encountered. Everyone was so supportive and welcoming. So many great ideas were shared since we all came from different backgrounds and professions"  said Charlene Baker.

During introductions with needs and gives, Webgrrls explored ideas about getting new jobs, hiring employees, and balancing work demands with personal life. Needs ranged from better time management to customers or clients to a good photographer, project manager, to  job opportunities, technical writing,  and web design advice. One member, a life coach/consultant, offered everyone in the room a free 30-minute introductory session.

"The informal atmosphere cuts through the rhetoric and focuses on the main ingredient - Success! " said Sandra B. Tate, Whole Life Coach and Life Consultant

Informal networking came afterwards, with several lingering to further discuss topics raised during the meeting, meet someone with a common business or problem/solution, or just to snack and chat.

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