Mark McBride discusses World 2.0: Leveling the Playing Field
Event date: September 25 2007
Posted by: Ramona Santamaria

Webgrrls Buffalo, New York Chapter had an event on Tuesday, September 25th with speaker Mark McBride, MLS, senior assistant librarian in E.H. Public Library at Buffalo State College.  Mr. McBride specializes in technology and can be contacted at [email protected]

The event was organized to discuss Web 2.0, “What is it? How can it help you in life, and in any career.”  The ability for an individual to access information, market oneself, and the freedom of expression the internet allows, are just a few aspects of  ‘social networks,’ blogs, podcasts and navigating tools.  Examples were used such as YouTube, Delicious, Flickr, Second Life, Ning and were demonstrated, viewing their abilities in a thoughtful presentation by Mark McBride.