Webgrrls NYC Networking Meeting
Event date: March 14 2007
Posted by: Kristin Vincent

That was HOT…Kevin Kennedy, CEO of Webgrrls International, really shook things up last Wednesday evening with the introduction of the Webgrrls "HotSeat" where we looked into the face of our most pressing career and business issues and dilemmas and addressed them and started the process of resolving them.

We started by writing down our particular issue or dilemma that we were facing in our career or business and each of us went to "the chair". The chair, "HotSeat", was in the front of the room from which we could share our dilemma with the rest of the group and we then received the benefit of the collective and extensive knowledge in the room as we brainstormed together to help see past the problem and visualize a concrete plan for turning the situation around. Even though the discussion focused on one individual's situation at a time, many in the room shared similar issues and were able to glean practical knowledge of how we can remove obstacles and achieve success in our own businesses and careers.

Below is a sampling of the diverse issues that were addressed and tackled as a group:

  • How do I go about rethinking and improving my business plan?
  • How can I manage time more effectively?
  • How do I get larger clients that are a better fit for my company?
  • How do I stop treating my career as a "hobby" and start charging more and more often?
  • What steps do I need to take to move from career X to career Y?
  • How do I keep clients happy while dealing with life-changing events in my personal life?

Each person who got up from the "HotSeat" left with new ways to face the situation and turn it around. We were learning and enjoying the "Hot Seat" so much that we collectively decided to extend the time we spent rotating people in and out of the "HotSeat.".

This meeting definitely struck a cord with those who attended, and many people commented to the Webgrrls steering committee how much they got out of the evening. Not to worry though, we'll do it again and then more of us can realize the benefits of the "HotSeat".

I personally left feeling energized and excited about my future, and I have already read one of the books that people in the room had suggested for me. I am grateful to be a part of an organization with members who care about each other's careers and want each other's businesses to succeed! Thank you to you all for cultivating this supportive environment!