Webgrrls NYC Holiday Party
Event date: December 06 2006
Posted by: Kori Burkholder

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"And the grand prize goes to Ram Tantaloor of Angler Technologies," Nelly announced to the crowd, which grew silent while everyone looked around for the winner. "Ram, are you here? If you are not present we'll pull another..." Nelly was soon interrupted by Ram steadily making his way through the crowd to claim his Ipod Mini donated by Audible.com.

The raffle was just one of the many highlights of the Webgrrls holiday party held on December 6. Webgrrls NYC and friends got together at Gaetana's in the West Village to have some fun, network, and celebrate the achievements of the New York City chapter.

Kevin Kennedy, Webgrrls International CEO, kicked off the program with a "toast to success in 2007" and he introduced Nelly Yusupova, the Webgrrls NYC Chapter Leader where she talked about this years achievements including, growing the Steering Committee and launching the Team Webgrrls outreach program.

There were over 100 people filling the festive restaurant to mingle, enjoy food and drink, and get into the holiday spirit. The room was buzzing with everyone meeting or reconnecting and exchanging ideas, business cards, or just a good story or two. I can only speak for myself, but I met so many interesting people who do amazing things. One such person was Charlie O'Donnell, who is spearheading a company called Oddcast.com. I also spoke to Kathryn Birstein, another entrepreneur whose company Web Ideation aims to "create, nurture and expand online businesses."

Every 15 minutes or so throughout the night, Nelly introduced another sponsor to raffle one of their sponsored prizes. Many of the winners were Webgrrls event regular attendees such as Athena Foroglou and Carla Davis who won a webcam from Logitech, Eric Simmon's won a flash drive from Gaviri Technologies and Alan Green who won a 60GB slim drive from Seagate.

The one and only time I haven't wanted to be a part of the Webgrrls steering committee was when I laid my eyes upon the Digiwalker from Mio Technology. It's perfect for the person who continually gets lost in foreign territories (who me?). But I got over that feeling quickly when I saw Scott Hall, the winner's face light up. Even if he didn't know the purpose of the gadget at the time, I guarantee he's addicted to it now!

Of course, I also have to mention the amazing food that Frankie, the owner of Gaetana's, had for us during the party. While the bar overflowed with beer and wine, a huge spread of food just kept on coming--mouth-watering crispy calamari, stuffed mushrooms with garlic galore, pasta with broccoli, all sorts of pizzas, and lemon chicken dishes. I'm sure no one left hungry!

The holiday party not only met, but far exceeded our expectations for meeting new people, creating strategic alliances, helping one another with new leads, and good old fashion holiday socializing.

For all you Webgrrls who couldn't make this year's festivities, we hope to see you in 2007. Happy Networking. Happy Holidays.

Happy 2007!

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Event Photos
(we didn't know everyone's name but there are a lot of familiar faces)

Sponsorship table filled with prizes.

Ruth Levine and Kristin Vincent doing the check-in hustle

Kori Burkholder, Nelly Yusupova & Zina Yusupova (Nelly's mother)

All of the holiday greeters - Ruth, Kori, Nelly, and Kristin

Who wants to have more success in their lives? :)

Kevin Kennedy, Webgrrls CEO, offering a toast to success in 2007

Winner, Caryn Gartenberg, claims the designer flash drive from Mimoco.

Winner, Karla Davis, claims the webcam from Logitech.

Winner, Athena Foroglou, claim another webcam from Logitech

The networking crowd

Maideline Lopez, Elizabeth Schofield, Lauren Dohr (left to right)

CMP Technology Sponsor Alix Raine with Debra Drucker

More networkers

Bill Fischer and Amelie

Alex Jacobson and Debra Frank

Winner, Marton Nagy, claims his new 60GB slim drive from Seagate.

Winner, Alan Green, claims another 60 GB drive from Seagate.

Lea Renay and Joe Katz

Haroon Chohan of Gaviri Technologies (sponsor) reading the name of a raffle prize winner

Winner, Heidy Klein, claims a 1GB USB Flash drive offered by Gaviri Technologies

Benjamin Irvine, Kerrin Parker, and Tom Woodring (left to right)

Amrita Douglas, Dawn Young, Karla Davis, Rodney Ramos (left to right)

Winner, Myles Trachtenberg, shows off his new 1GB USB Flash drive with Emeka Akaezuwa of Gaviri Technologies

Kristen and Debra Frank

Catherine Molitor and Charles Hamilton

Winner, Scott Hall, claims his new Mio DigiWalkerT H610 handheld personal navigation and digital entertainment device from Mio Technology

Winner, Ram Tantaloor, claims his new iPod Nano with 12-month free membership to Audible.com