Webgrrls NYC Networking Meeting
Event date: November 08 2006
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

The November meeting of Webgrrls NYC was another successful event of networking and great discussion!

Having recently given a presentation on the subject, Chapter Leader Nelly started off the night with a mini-workshop on email newsletters. Almost everyone these days is involved with sending out these types of emails, whether promoting their own business, setting up and sending them out for clients, or just receiving them. Nelly went over some of the best practices for creating email newsletters to help make some sense of all the available options, plus what gets these emails read at all. Her top tips on making newsletters more effective and other points that came up during the discussion will be a great help!

Everyone got their chance to introduce themselves to the group and tell what they might need from or give back to Webgrrls. These need/gives can be personal or professional, and they ranged on this evening from resume-writing help, to software testing, to marketing tips, to advice on buying a home or car.

The evening ended with informal networking as Webgrrls members and other guests got the opportunity to connect on a more personal level.
Several found someone--or many someones--who could, for example, give them advice with starting or promoting a business, where to take a class, or even the best place to take out-of-town guests. "It is amazing how I found people who could help me at just that one session!" commented Amrita Douglas, a Publicist and Marketing Coordinator.

Thanks to Alan Green and AXA Advisors for hosting the November Webgrrls NYC Networking Meeting at their 1633 Broadway office.

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