Webgrrls NYC Networking Meeting
Event date: October 11 2006
Posted by: Kristin Vincent

They say when it rains, it pours. And while it was raining outside last Wednesday, it was pouring contacts in the AXA building on Broadway during Webgrrls' October networking event. We even had in attendance Biba Pedron, better known in her circle as "The Connection Queen" because she has the gift of always knowing somebody who knows somebody.

After several social mixers throughout the summer, this was the first formal networking event in a while for the group, and the soggy weather didn't seem to keep people away. The evening started out with the familiar casual vibe in which people mingled, exchanged business cards, and munched on fresh veggies and chips. It was a mix of the usual suspects, a few old friends who hadn't attended in years, and several new faces.

Nelly called us all to order (you know how chatty a room dominated by 20 women can get), and Bill Fischer, a financial advisor from AXA, kicked off the discussion by explaining how his company can help with personal and professional financial needs, regardless of the size of money you're starting with.

Then we shifted gears to the "heart and soul" of the Webgrrls Networking meeting...the Introductions.  The part of the evening where we went around the room, introduced ourselves, and shared what we needed from the group and what we could offer.  The needs ranged from companies looking for PHP programmers to a couple trying to link up with a graphic designer to create a company logo to a documentary film maker hoping to learn more about marketing. The talented bunch of women and a few men were all over the map with what they were willing offer to others: help with testing software, connections for locksmiths, proofreading and editing of resumes and business plans, and hand-made custom-scented bath products, just to name a few. Now that we knew everyone in the room a little more formally, we broke back into informal networking so we could link up with the folks we could help and who might be able to help us.

In true Webgrrls spirit, we also celebrated the recent successes of people in the room. For example, just two months back Audra Fuest, a marketing manager and future business owner, mentioned at a Webgrrls mixer that she was planning to start an event planning business. At this one, she announced she already has her first client! (Again, way to go, Audra! :) Audra later said about the event, " I think these are great functions that can truly benefit. I look forward to attending more and to attending those that include expert speakers!"

For those of you who couldn't make it, we wanted to share some more comments from those who did.

Cielito Pascual, a video/media producer said, "WebGrrls makes the experience of networking fun, informative and inspiring! Thanks Webgrrls!"

Josh Bowden, who works for Reach Local, said, "The group was great and I was impressed with the amount of knowledge in the room and all varying backgrounds of people."

Sri Kudaravalli, who works for the billionaire Bill Bartmann, said, "Last night's event was very helpful to me and I made some great contacts."

We hope to see you all next month!