Webgrrls NYC Social Mixer
Event date: June 14 2006
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

Summertime means plenty of sunshine, thoughts of vacation for many, and a more relaxed feeling in the air. For Webgrrls NYC, it means our Summer Social Mixers! These events replace the regular networking meetings from June through August and provide a fresh way for members to interact and newcomers to get to know Webgrrls.

On June 14, New York Webgrrls invited male and female colleagues, clients, and friends for a night of informal networking at Dani Restaurant located at Hudson and Charlton Streets in Manhattan.  Over 50 people were in attendance and the bar was bustling with all the new connections being made--from the beginning of the evening until well after the official end of the mixer. Dani had delicious Pear Martinis on special just for Webgrrls, and chef Don gave us a warm welcome. The restaurant's rustic yet elegant vibe and open space was perfect for this Webgrrls gathering.

The event was a successful mix of many new faces along with familiar Webgrrls friends. In fact, it was the first Webgrrls event for several in attendance, who reported being happy to be there meeting new people in a comfortable environment.

Kristy Iris of Fizom had this to say of the event, "What a great group of friendly, laid back people! The location was great and it was so nice to be in the presence of those who know the fine art of networking! It is a far cry from the events where I have felt like I was in a pool of hungry sharks shoving their business cards at me. I look forward to the next one!"

As is often the case with Webgrrls NYC, the crowd varied with business owners, designers, writers, coaches, programmers, and producers among many other professions represented. It was a great opportunity for all to meet and mingle, plus share ideas, business info, and discuss potential clients or jobs.

Happy Summer from Webgrrls!