Networking Meeting
Event date: May 10 2006
Posted by: Kori Burkholder

This month's Webgrrls meeting on the 10th had a different flare, with Webgrrls CEO Kevin Kennedy as the first guest speaker. Kevin kicked off the evening with a "Negotiation Quickie," a prelude to the upcoming Sales and Negotiating workshop we have lined up for September.

Everyone should have strong negotiating skills, Kevin reminded us. Whether we realize it or not, we do some form of negotiating several times a day. Kevin made some interesting points, the first and most important is being prepared before entering into any negotiation arena. Preparation is key. It can and will determine the outcome. Another point of interest Kevin brought up was that after an offer has been put on the table, don't be afraid to be silent. Let the other person squirm or feel uncomfortable; perhaps the silence will bring in a better offer. Kevin's introduction revealed key negotiating points, which will be covered in more depth for the workshop in September.

Webgrrls second speaker of the evening was Jennifer Neil of Accion whose company grants money to small businesses. An interesting point she made was that anyone can get a free credit report, which one should do every year.

After the guest speakers, Nelly led the group into the Introductions and Needs/Gives part of the evening when everyone gets 1 1/2 minutes to tell their story. We quickly found that we had a great crew. Most of the Webgrrl attendees come from different professional backgrounds, a fact becoming the norm these days for our monthly meetings.
As we worked our way around the room we found there were realtors, small business financiers, entrepreneurs, designers, lawyers, and people in new media. One woman, formerly in real estate, stated to the room, "I'm not really sure why I am here, but..."

She then went on to reveal that she needs help with managing money for her small business. Meanwhile, there was an attendee on the other side of the room who did just that for a living and also happens to be on the hunt to purchase an apartment in the city.  Bingo. Just another typical success story of the Webgrrls monthly meetings.

Don't pass on these opportunities! We have Webgrrls Mixers planned for June, July, and August. These are open to everyone, so spread the word. More details to come.