Cold Calling: Opening Doors & Closing Sales with Wendy Weiss
Event date: April 26 2006
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

We meet strangers and interact with people we don't know well almost daily. But add the element of the telephone, and that changes everything! Introducing yourself over the phone is another story entirely. Does the idea of "cold calling" send shivers down your spine? Is calling prospects something you know you need to be doing but are afraid of hearing a no or, worse, a hang up? NYC Webgrrls's April 26 workshop was all about terminating telephone terror.

Author of Cold Calling for Women, Wendy Weiss is a sales trainer who has been running workshops and coaching individuals for several years based on techniques developed during her real-life, hands-on experience building business. Cold calling--or introductory calling as Wendy prefers to call it--is a communication skill anyone can learn.

"I used to be a ballerina," said Wendy, who had little background in business before getting into her current profession 15 years ago. "If I can get this, you can, too."

Wendy spoke with Webgrrls for two hours, focusing on her three keys of belief in the value of your product or service, the skills of cold calling, and the action of actually making the calls.

Pick up the phone, reach a real person, and you have only about 10-20 seconds to get a prospect to stay on the phone. You must therefore really work on a great first sentence and deliver it with energy and confidence. Essentially, you're introducing yourself and buying more time, and you need to plan that introduction careful. Wendy told Webgrrls to create a script based on the way we talk and write it down before making calls.

And like any skill, introductory calling must be practiced! Wendy suggested to first try out your script with friends and family, then try it out with prospects you don't really want. Only then should you start phoning for desired business.

Queen of Cold Calling Wendy Weiss had many other tips to share with Webgrrls and helped some attendees with their specific businesses.
Wendy has trained thousands of people in her techniques to gain confidence and reach more prospects. Find out more about her and her business at

Wendy ended with her favorite quote, "As Henry Ford said, "Think you can, think you can't; either way you'll be right".So believe in the value of what you do or what you sell...and get on that phone!