Networking Meeting
Event date: April 19 2006
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

NYC Webgrrls met on April 19th to connect with other members, network, and exchange ideas. The monthly networking meetings are central to Webgrrls, these events are focused on helping tech savvy women and others to boost their careers.

AXA Advisors again hosted Webgrrls at their midtown Manhattan office.
AXA educates individuals including small business owners on their financial-related options, highlighting what they have and what is available to them.

Living and/or working in New York City can be stressful, as we all often find! Our special guest for April was Jacklyn Johnston, a corporate trainer and executive coach who focuses on personal growth and transformation. After some discussion of the effects of stress, Jacklyn took a few minutes to give Webgrrls tips on stress management. She then led the group in meditation, highlighting the steps to stress relief to leave us more relaxed, refreshed, and ready to focus. Jacklyn will be running a Saturday workshop in May on Inspired Decision Making/

All sorts of people attended the April meeting, as soon became apparent during the introductions and need/gives.  There were those new to New York who needed advice on what to do, others needing or giving freelance opportunities, and many members and other attendees with diverse talents and interests including writing, publishing, designing, market research, and more. Need advice on how to run a great blog? Looking for skating lessons? Need your resume proofed before sending it out to a potential employer? Webgrrls NYC has someone who might match your needs! The need/gives presented at the monthly networking meeting also extend beyond those who attend. They are sent out to the entire New York announce list to maximize exposure, a real benefit to following up after the meeting.

The informal networking at the end of the night went on for some time as Webgrrls got to connect with others who sparked an interest or said something that invited further discussion. It was a full night with good conversations and potential for great connections. Hope to see everyone at the next event!