Networking Meeting
Event date: February 08 2006
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

The February Webgrrls Networking Meeting on the 8th was an energetic get together of New York professionals, both women and men. We had over 60 professionals participating in the evening, expanding their network of contacts and finding those with whom they wanted to do business.

"The Webgrrls event was a high octane networking event. It was a very friendly, focused networking group with many professionals who had varied expertise." said Anna Lieber of LieberBrewster, a Webgrrls NYC networking meeting attendee.

After Chapter Leader Nelly's welcome and explanation of the meeting's agenda, AXA Advisors' Bill Fischer took the attendees' attention for a moment. AXA Advisors, who has sponsored Webgrrls NYC meeting space for several events including this one, offers financial and insurance services.
Bill stressed that he and his colleague Alan Green, should be considered by Webgrrls as a resource and are available to answer financial questions--"no strings attached".

Damayra Perez of NYC Business Solutions was the night's special guest. She spoke about her organization and its benefits for small businesses. NYC Business Solutions offers advice to small companies and has special programs for woman- and minority-owned businesses.  Damayra also introduced Jennifer Neil of Accion New York, a community financial institution and alternative lender for companies which may not qualify for a tradition loan.

The real heart of Webgrrls' networking meetings are the introductions, where everyone gets a chance to introduce themselves and tell the group something they need and what they can offer. These included all sorts of things--html lessons, media and press connections, gardening advice, wedding makeup, tips on France, help with starting a new business, and many, many other wide-ranging services needed or available to offer others.

Nelly challenged everyone to meet 10 people during the informal networking portion of the night, and most took that suggestion to heart! The room was bustling--groups forming, the volume going up, cards being traded. "It really forced me to place a face to each business card I took home,"
commented one woman on Nelly's challenge. 

"Loved the turnout!" said another meeting attendee. Lot's of "new people and everyone was from such different is so great to hear how others make a living, so creative!"

<p>Several who attended the networking event commented on the wide variety of skills and professions represented. There were web and print designers, film makers, event planners, life coaches, writers, entrepreneurs, accountants to name just a few jobs mentioned during the introductions and needs/gives.

<p>It was another successful and well-attended event for Webgrrls, and we look forward to many more!