Women & Business: Where’s the Sizzle
Event date: January 25 2006
Posted by: Amelie Walker-Yung

Where's the sizzle in your business? What do you need to know and do to make your business a success? This was the focus of the first event of the year for New York City's Webgrrls. Eric Simons of Simons Financial Network spoke to the group on Wednesday, January 25. "Women & Business, Where's the Sizzle," a workshop attended by mostly women who run their own businesses or are considering doing so, was held at the midtown Manhattan offices of AXA Advisors.

There are more women starting businesses than ever. Many women have skills they may not recognize that make them excellent at managing money, setting goals, and other important aspects of successful entrepreneurs. This workshop presented ideas and much useful information for standing out from the rest and succeeding where others fail--most new businesses don't make it past the five-year mark.

Eric provided many tips to help with starting and running a business.  "Do only what you are passionate about and delegate the rest!" was one such piece of advice.  Eric also stressed making your business a part of your life, not the whole of your life.

"If the business can't afford to pay you an income, it doesn't deserve to live", said Eric.  His handouts offered step by step instructions on how an entrepreneur can systemize their business so it makes more money while they work less.

He pointed out that some of making a business work is just luck but that you can create "luck" by putting yourself into situations with potential to help move you forward.

Everyone walked away pondering their approach to their business with a new found perspective and with new analytical tools with which to evaluate their efforts.