Webgrrls’ Finds: Tips, tricks and tools to improve your work performance

Looking for meaty, practical articles that will help to improve your work performance? These 5 links provide some amazing tips, tricks and tools.

Do Business with Style

Are you a small business owner that could use professional looking designs for your presentations, letterheads, invoices, or business cards? Microsoft has published a number of gorgeous templates for its Office 2007 package (older versions may also work for some of the designs). You can choose from 6 different designs and 9 customer colors to create a professional looking template that matches your company’s style. Best of all, they’re free! http://www.microsoft.com/smallbusiness/office2007templates/

Get the most out of your email newsletters

Companies both large and small will benefit from these tips on how to get the most out of your email newsletters. This resource presents a list of best practices, gives some great examples and tells us what to avoid when creating your newsletter. And for tips on getting through spam filters, check out these great recommendations posted on the Webgrrls blog.

Presenting your company’s metrics

For those of you charged with presenting your company’s metrics, this is a must read. Kushik’s article recommends a better way of presenting numbers (financial, sales, web or otherwise) through the use of an “action dashboard” that provides meaning to the reader.

Free tutorials on your favorite programs

If you’ve been searching for free tutorials on your favorite programs, here is a god-send. This article points us to 4 different sites that provide amazing guides on topics ranging from Microsoft Office Programs to the Adobe CS3 Suite and even CSS:

The best RSS readers

There are a number of great RSS readers out there that can help you organize articles from your favorite sites. Here is a list of some of the best: Still in the dark about RSS, read the Webgrrls post about what is RSS.

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