Webgrrls Finds: Tips, tricks to work faster, smarter & with style

Want to work faster, smarter & with style? Check out these 5 articles that reveal some tricks of the trade.

Email Spring Cleaning
If the IT department is constantly asking you to free up space in your Outlook account, you need this tool. Windows users can use the Outlook Attachment remover to detach documents currently attached to emails in your inbox and offload them to your hard drive. Even better, you can specify which document type and sizes.

Attention all SEM (Search Engine Marketing) workers
Want to get an idea of your competitors’ link building strategy, understand what people think of your site and get help with your keyword research? Start exploring the anchor text of backlinks using some free tools.

Must-See Sites
Whether you’re a designer looking to prime the creative pump or a developer searching for little-known functionality tips, this list of top-notch sites, compiled by Noupe, will feed anyone’s web fancy.

Awesome Ajax Apps
If you’re an Ajax developer or you’re looking so learn some cool Ajax techniques, you will definitely appreciate this article. It presents 25 Ajax projects and examples that are sure to impress.

Site Design Just Got Easier
Those of you charged with putting together site mock-ups will love the Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit. This free toolkit includes many of the generic images required to put together your user interface, including standard ad units, UI controls, tabs, buttons, placeholder text and more.

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