Webgrrls Finds: Tips, tricks to work faster, smarter & with style

Sifting through the mass amounts of articles I receive each day, I occasionally find some amazing little gems that can really help you learn new skills or improve your efficiency. Here I share 5 of my most recent finds. Enjoy them now or keep them in mind for future use.

Thank You Notes 101
Thank you notes are just as important in business as they are in your personal life. But when is it appropriate to send a thank you note? Should it be handwritten? What should you say? All these questions and more are answered in this informative post from thesimpledollar.com.

Crash Course on Photoshop
Got 5 minutes? Then you have enough time to learn 101 Photoshop tips. dekePod has produced an amazing 5 minute Photoshop tutorial video that highlights some very useful skills, from shortcuts to advice on what tools to avoid.

Firefox … Enough Said
If you haven’t downloaded Firefox 3, or heaven-forbid, never even tried Firefox, what are you waiting for? This browser is a web worker’s dream … completely customizable with tons of killer add-ons. Mashable has created a list of 30 of the best extensions that will really make your life easier. And for yet another reason to convert, check out this Small Business Trends article that lists 3 SEO tools, 2 of which are Firefox add-ons.

Who doesn’t love free software?
There are tons of programs on the market that can fulfill the same needs as their pricey counterparts. But does the old adage “you get what you pay for” hold true in this case? Not according to this USA Today article that lists 10 free alternatives to some very well known programs, including Outlook, Photoshop, Dreamweaver & Quickbooks.

Website Design Help
For those of you working with website design, you may find these 4 free tools very helpful. Each of them allows you to experiment with the blog or website’s look and feel until you find one that fits the bill.

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